Fashion Is in the Details: Your Weekend Instagram Inspiration

Sometimes a great look is all about a stunning coat or a quirky holiday sweater. But more often than not, a truly fantastic look (or moment, or day) is born out of the details — the subtle nail color, the suave fedora, the pinkie ring, the Polaroid camera, the free coffee, the unexpected phone call, the sideways glance, or the really great ankle boots.

Image: @adenorah/Instagram

Folk singer bangs

It's that time of year when bangs are starting to look and sound really great again, especially when paired with a massive sweater and a mournful gaze.

Image: @raeannerox666/Instagram

Dusty rose lips

There's no better off-beat color for December, especially when matte-fied like this.

Image: @soladylikebalolo/Instagram

The shoe selfie

It's a slick way of documenting what you're wearing without looking overly narcissistic, and an even better way of showing off your fantastic new kicks.

Image: @adenorah/Instagram

A thoughtful list

What better way to spend Saturday morning than curled up with a notebook, musing on all the ways you've grown as a person this past year?

Image: @chelstalkssmack/Instagram

Little-House-on-the-Prairie ankle boots

'Tis the season to lace up all the way.

Image: @karmakamelea/Instagram

Blunt brows

Darkened, filled-in, with dramatically cut-off edges framing the nose. And there's that dusty rose lip color again...

Image: @earlie_bird/Instagram

Documenting the day

Love the tangibility of film, and the dreamy quality it can lend to photos.

Image: @live_life_as_you_please_x/Instagram

All-black everything

There is no chicer way to express the ennui of winter.

Image: @sigvag/Instagram

A crazy new hair color

Selfies obligatory. Sock buns optional.

Image: @_emmaclarke/Instagram

French manicures

Nail art is getting wilder by the minute, meaning a perfectly subtle manicure is more refreshing than the season's first snow.

Image: @monicamcnally/Instagram

Temporary tattoos

Apply post-champagne; wake up regret-free.

Image: @etheldred4/Instagram

Serious eye glitter

Don't let the star on top of the Christmas tree kill your vibe. Sparkle harder. You'll get there.

Image: @draskicmakeup/Instagram