Inbox Temporary Tats Are Super Realistic

Would you be more willing to get permanently inked if you got to try it out temporarily first? Well, Inbox's two-week tattoos are making that dream a reality. The realistic fake tattoos are made from the pulp of the Genipa Americana fruit and lets you capture everything that you love about the look of permanent ink without the commitment. Say hello to the next era of temporary tattoos, because this company is going places.

Now there's finally a way that all of the needle-phobic and anti-ink to join in on the body art fun. With an organic formula that lasts 12 to 15 days before slowly fading away, Inbox's designs give you a real-feel tattoo look that you'll be proud to wear in public. Just stick the design wherever you want it, press a wet towelette on the spot for ten minutes and wait it out. The ink takes about ten hours to appear, so you can quite literally go to sleep without any ink and wake up tatted.

Unlike the shiny metallic tats that festival goers favor, Inbox's designs look 100% real. The company has taken it's idea to Kickstarter, where they give tattoos away with every pledge. And if the team reaches its $100,000 goal, customers will get to design their own temporary tattoos. That's a win for everyone.

The slogan of the brand is "no regrets," and that's exactly why you should try them out if you're tempted to get inked. With seven different sizes ranging from 0.5 inches to 5 inches, you'll get the chance to test out a wide range of tats. According to the Kickstarter page, shading and colors aren't available (yet!), but the brand hopes to bring some advancements to the classic black designs in the future.

From large to small, the possibilities are endless. Check out some of the Inbox designs below.

1. Immitate Hipster Tats

Get that hipster look in ten minutes without having to live with it for life.

2. Get Creative

Choose a design that you'd never dream of permanently inking.

3. Play With Placement

Not sure you'd ever get a hand tattoo? Now you can test it out temporarily.

4. Flaunt Beautiful Ink

You might just fall in love and make it permanent.

5. Have Some Fun

Try out a drastic look that you know will fade.

6. Test Drive Designs

See which impermanent tattoo suits you best.

7. Keep It Simple

Make it small and see who notices.

Images: inkbox/Kickstarter, inkboxtats/Instagram