A Massive Brooklyn Sinkhole The Size Of An NYC Studio Apartment Swallowed An Entire Intersection — PHOTOS

And they say the potholes in Brooklyn are bad. Residents of Sunset Park woke up on Tuesday to a terrifying sight: A massive sinkhole swallowed an entire intersection in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Although officials have not confirmed an official cause as of press time, they have speculated that the incident might be linked to the severe thunderstorms that passed through the area overnight. There have been no reports of injuries, aside from perhaps some near heart attacks and fainting upon seeing a sinkhole bigger than some New York City apartments.

At around 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning — way too early for something as literally earth-shattering as this to happen — the intersection at Fifth Avenue and 64th Street in Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood of collapsed and sank into the ground to form a gargantuan hole, hence the term sinkhole. The sinkhole offers a rare glimpse of the mysterious world below New York City's streets, but alas, it's not all mole people, hidden treasure, and Ninja Turtles, as one might hope. Instead, it's mainly water and gas pipes, the exposure of which has prompted National Grid to arrive on the scene, presumably to make sure the sinkhole does not lead to a gas link and therefore, explosion.

Judging by footage of the sinkhole, it could have easily swallowed several cars, vans, trucks, and an entire family or jogging group. Luckily, it was early enough that that particular intersection was still empty when the sinkhole formed.

As you can see by that photo, we're not talking about an open manhole or some glorified pothole here. This is a big deal. Just how big exactly? While some reporters estimated it to be 25 feet wide and 10 feet deep, here's a better guide for how big the Sunset Park sinkhole is.

Clearly Big Enough To Swallow A School Bus

But luckily, it didn't!

Bigger Than Your First Studio Apartment

In fact, using that construction worker for size reference, that sinkhole could make quite a roomy studio, depending on your spatial savvy.

Deep Enough To Be A Swimming Pool

If the sinkhole had occurred in someone's backyard, they could have just converted it into a nice underground pool.

Big Enough To Be Seen From An Airplane

It might look like a really shoddily constructed swimming pool, but you would definitely be able to see that monstrosity from an airplane.

Images: ABC 7, NBC New York, PIX11