Alexander Skarsgard In Drag At 'Diary Of A Teenage Girl' Premiere Will Make You Love Him Even More

Making a fashion statement on the red carpet is common in Hollywood, but one celebrity stud took it to a whole new level. Alexander Skarsgard dressed in drag at the premiere of his new film Diary Of A Teenage Girl, and it was definitely his most memorable red carpet appearance yet. The hunky actor usually keeps it pretty basic with jeans, tees, and monochromatic suits, but this latest look shows that he's got a playful fashion-y side that I hope we get to see more of soon.

The 38-year-old donned a glitzy gold gown that was gathered at the waist with super high heels, despite his already sky-high 6 foot 4 frame — talk about statuesque. He rocked an oversized blonde wig with outward fanning blown-out pieces that were totally reminiscent of 70s boho babe Farrah Fawcett's signature look. His makeup was ultra glam, consisting of metallic eyeshadow, tons of blush, and super long false lashes. TBH, I'm kind of jealous of how pretty he looks.

Major kudos to Skarsgard for making a statement about blurring gender lines — and I love that he is using fashion to do so. Fashion is a means of expressing one's individuality, and having a little fun with it never hurt anybody. While the actor hasn't made any public statement as to why he chose to go drag, it's suspected that he's paying homage to co-star Joshua Grannell, "a drag performer named Peaches Christ," according to E! Online.

Check out the totally fabulous look.


Look at that luminous glow!

Skarsgard isn't the only male celeb who has used fashion to cross gender boundaries. Take a look at five other actors who have stylishly done the same.

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I'm totally digging this vibrant look.

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He is working that dress.

3. James Franco

He makes bright blue eyeshadow look really pretty.

4. Johnny Weir

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5. Kanye West

Kanye totally started the whole leather skirt trend.