'Playing House' Season 2 Should Reunite Mark & Emma For Even More Sweet, Romantic Moments

On Tuesday night, USA will premiere Season 2 of Playing House, Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham’s excellent buddy comedy. While female friendship is the driving force behind the show, there is another relationship fans are rooting for: a Mark and Emma romance. The Season 1 finale left us with so many questions about the ex-sweethearts-turned adult friends with amazing sitcom sexual tension. Will Season 2 provide answers?

After Mark and Emma get in a fight helping Maggie prep for the baby, a lot of truth bombs are dropped. We learn that Mark (Keegan-Michael Key) would have gone to China with Emma if she'd asked him. The two almost kiss, but Mark’s wife Tina, nicknamed Bird Bones by the girls, interrupts. She finds out about that Mark proposed to Emma back when they were together, and that he would have followed her to China given the chance. Ouch. Of course, true to TV form, the conversation ends when Maggie goes into labor. The fallout continues in the finale episode when Mark appears ridiculously drunk after fighting with his wife. Tina will only take him back on one condition: He can’t see Emma again.

Flash forward to tonight’s episode. USA has been promoting a clip where Mark, Emma, Maggie (baby Charlotte in tow), and Bird Bones run into each other for the first time in four months — and it looks like there is still bad blood between Emma and Mark’s terrifyingly type-A wife. You can watch the hilariously awkward scene below.

In honor of Tuesday night's premiere tonight and the promise of Mark and Emma crossing paths, let’s take a look back at some of the best flirtatious ribbings between the two from Season 1.

Mark Scolds Emma For Being Bad At Reading Signs

PlayingHouseUSA on YouTube

And then teases her for fondness of hooking up in cars.

Emma Takes Over Mark's Spaghetti Dinner

PlayingHouseUSA on YouTube

Which leads to cops doing a strip tease...

Mark Busts Emma At The Pool

PlayingHouseUSA on YouTube

And "Lutz" proves that chivalry is not dead.

Emma First Runs Into Bird Bones

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It's terrible and hilarious all at once.

When We All Preferred That Steve Would Do It

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No offense, Mark.

Finally, The Can Of Worms Was Opened...

PlayingHouseUSA on YouTube

Mark and Emma, can you two please work things out this season?!

Image: Michael Yarish/USA Network