11 Photos To Make You Miss Jared Leto's Long Hair

In my opinion, there is no man who has ever had as beautifully luscious locks as Jared Leto. Even though he is an amazing musician and actor, Jared Leto's ombre hair (when it was down past his shoulders) was what I grew to adore him for. Of course, I won't forget to give an honorable mention to his handsome face, which I unapologetically swoon over from time to time as well.

While I cannot say that I am 30 Seconds To Mars' biggest fangirl, I will admit that I am a devoted admirer of Leto's acting abilities. From the moment I watched him in American Psycho, I have been hooked. When the actor decided to grow his hair super long and add ombré hues to his locks, well, that basically sealed the deal. I mean, what dude has enough confidence to rock chest length ombré hair and absolutely kill it along the way? None but Leto.

Back in March, however, Leto cut his beautiful strands, instantly prompting the #RIPJaredLetosHair hashtag/mourning ceremony all over Twitter. When I first heard about him chopping off that brilliant mane, I literally dropped a tear. What was the universe to do without its truest personification of #HairGoals?

For nostalgia's sake and because so many of us are still not over it, here are 11 photos of Jared Leto with long, ombré hair. Let's all pray that the separation isn't permanent.

1. At A Vanity Fair After Party

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

My oh my! I still find myself daydreaming about how dapper Leto looked in this powder blue suit. His ombré hair had effortless waves in it, which somehow managed to perfectly complement the tux.

2. With A Blue Scarf

This photo proves how fabulous Leto really is. His gorgeous hair combined with the edgy blue scarf around his neck equal complete elegance.

3. Same Hair, Don't Care

Leto and his publicist basically had the same hair in this photo. The color, the cut, the middle part... together they make one adorable duo. If I dye my hair ombré, can we be twinsies too?

4. The Brooding Headshot

This black and white headshot is quite seductive and mysterious. The caption makes it even more intriguing as Leto writes, "This is who I really am." In other words, this is proof that Leto can only be himself when he has long, ombré hair.

5. Triad Cut Off Tee

I'm not usually a fan of men wearing cut off T-shirts, but Leto is slowly making me change my mind. The luscious-hair-babe wore a triad cut off T-shirt while running errands, and I might have to purchase the same one.

6. Plaid Shirt With Colorful Cardigan

This plaid shirt and cardigan combo is so simple yet alluring. Plus, the wide brim hat and Aviator sunglasses give an incognito feel to the whole ensemble.

7. With A Smile

This photo was taken when Leto first started growing out his long, ombré locks and I love the shoulder length on him. His beautiful smile is definitely the winner here, though.

8. Long Hair And A Bomber Coat

No one can make winter look more chic and bearable than Leto. He donned a bomber coat and his classic Aviator shades while letting his glamorous hair blow in the wind.

9. When Performing

Did Jared Leto just time warp to Woodstock? My guess is definitely. Doesn't he look dreamy with that gold, bedazzled headband?

10. In A Selfie With A Skull

Who knew that a human could still be so attractive when taking a selfie with a skull? Leto looked quite dapper in this slightly morbid Instagram selfie. Plus, his ombré hair is as flawless as ever.

11. With A Classic Black Tuxedo

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Black tuxedos are always classic, but Leto made this suit appear even more eye catching with the white carnation pinned to the jacket. His hair, of course, adds a fun feel to the sleek red carpet look.

I know we've all been proclaiming #RIPJaredLetosHair for five months, but maybe it's time to switch things up a bit. I vote for founding the #BringBackLetosHair movement, and stat.