This Photographer Shoots +Size Women In Lingerie

Brazilian photographer Mariana Godoy has teamed up with a group of body positive plus size women to produce an inspirational new photography project: Empoderarte Me. Roughly translated into English, the title means "Empowering Me," and that's precisely what Godoy's project does. Her shots of plus size women in lingerie (and not much of it) show these women looking beautiful, powerful, and proud of their bodies. It's a statement we undoubtedly need to see more of.

In conversation with The Daily Mail, Godoy said of her work, "I chose lingerie because photographs of fat woman in lingerie are rare, so this was a form of protest and self-acceptance." Rebellion through representation is a brilliant way to champion body acceptance and body positivity. Empoderarte Me is not just creating images of different bodies, but celebrating different bodies. Ultimately, it's another step towards self love for these women as well as acceptance and respect for them by the public.

What's perhaps so lovely about Godoy's detailed, high res images is that they don't try to gloss over or hide the characteristics of fat bodies that are often lost during the editing process (think cellulite, stretch marks, and saggy bits). Her work doesn't celebrate the model standard of plus size, but the reality that is being a plus size woman for the majority of women who are. Instead of trying to force fat bodies to suit social beauty standards, Godoy's work directly confronts these unachievable standards.

In the project, several of the women have body positive phrases painted onto their bods. Translating into messages such as "fat and healthy" and "my body my rules," the words convey the core mantra of the entire photography series. Mariana Godoy wishes to reclaim fatness and by showcasing these inspirational subjects, she helps prove that a person can be fat and beautiful.

As Godoy told The Daily Mail, "I think if a fat woman sees the images, she will feel the power of the girls who were photographed. The power of self-love, to love each definition of love. To be unique and wonderful. The models who appear topless chose to pose that way themselves, they want to choose the way they feel loved."

These images truly represent the diversity of fat bodies and fat beauty, and for that, they're nothing short of revolutionary.

Images: Courtesy of Mariana Godoy