Zaniac's Fashion Design Class For Fourth Graders Will Help Regular Kids Become The Next Mayhem

Kids do the darnedest things, but they also create some unbelievable works of art when given the right tools. That's why the STEM after-school and summer program Zaniac is offering a fashion design class for elementary school students. Could we see some high-fashion designers at the grade school level soon?

Swapping the safety scissors for digital design, the six-week fashion course will be available for students in the Salt Lake City, Park City, Miami, and Greenwich areas. For roughly $249, each class will work with teachers at a five to one ratio to "produce a digital portfolio equivalent to that of a fall or spring collection," said Sidharth Oberoi, Zaniac's president and chief academic, according to Refinery29. The students will then present their designs to their parents in a show-and-tell format.

According to Refinery29, the course, filled with color theory and visual mood boards, was created to get girls on the path to more STEM-based careers. Zaniac has held other programs, like Lego robotics and Minecraft game-based learning that drew a much more male-centered crowd. With the kind of in-depth learning there's a serious possibility that this program could produce the next generation of fashion designers.

Even before Zaniac, children have been drawn to fashion design. Although our technological times might be changing, giving younger kids the chance to show off their talents in innovative ways. Here are some kids who have A+ fashion game all on their own.

1. Mayhem Keiser

This youngster picked up a lot of steam when she replicated Met Gala Gowns using craft supplies, and, at the age of four, she designed a collection for J. Crew. It doesn't get any more adorable than this.

2. Isabella Taylor

Taylor's first collection hit Austin Fashion Week in September of 2012 when she was only nine-years-old. Since then she has continued designing and has recently been accepted to Parson's School of Design.

3. Cecilia Cassini

Named the youngest fashion designer at the age of 10, Cassini is now 16 years-old and founder of Follow Your Dreams campaign to inspire kids. She has also continued her own designing and sewing.

4. Moziah Bridges

At the ripe age of nine, Bridges not only started designing but opened a business as well. Since then he has created hundreds of bows for people from local clients to President Barak Obama.

5. Ariel Swedroe

An 11-year-old inspired by her grandfather's art, this young fashion designer has taken big leaps in tiny shoes. She's the youngest speaker at eMerge 2015 and still finds time to run her own blog.

Looks like Zaniac students will be joining some of the greats!