Taraji P. Henson Performs Mary J. Blige On 'Lip Sync Battle' But It's Just The Latest Of The Show's Most Epic Performances — VIDEO

The team at Lip Sync Battle, the biggest pop culture explosion of the summer, dropped a teaser for their all-Empire episode. Much like the show Empire, Lip Sync Battle pits Lucious and Cookie against each other as they duke it out for supremacy. Taraji P. Henson sings "Just Fine" by Mary J. Blige, going full Blige in a blonde wig and commanding that stage. As she mouths along to the song, giving it her all, Blige herself appears from behind her to hopefully not-lip sync to her own song.

This is an exciting moment — pairing epic performance with celebrity cameos, which are two of the biggest things that any TV show can offer. Luckily, Lip Sync Battle delivers them both on a regular basis. The show has become a sensation since it started as a segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and, as a spinoff show hosted by LL Cool J, it has gotten even bigger. Since it premiered in April, it has dependably churned out hilarious viral videos of celebrities gone wild.

Here is the teaser for the bound-to-be legendary Terrence Howard vs. Taraji P. Henson episode. This clip alone makes it totally worthy for going down in the hall of fame with some of the other greatest performances in the show's history.

Lip Sync Battle on Spike on YouTube

Anne Hathaway — "Wrecking Ball"

Taciano Moraes on YouTube

This episode was so awesome because this was the last thing people expected from the Oscar-winning Les Miserables actress. She shed her "good girl" image to go full Miley in tightey whiteys and with all the most memorable moments of the music video in tact.

Abbi Jacobson — "And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going"

Lip Sync Battle on Spike on YouTube

Jacobson doing Dreamgirls is what dreams are made of. Even Chrissy Teigen gets in on the action, and Ilana Glazer and LL Cool J literally began bowing down.

Alison Brie — "Shoop"

Lip Sync Battle on Spike on YouTube

Alison Brie has shown Jimmy Fallon that she can freestyle rap. As a rap fan, she really knows her stuff and gets very into Salt-N-Pepa's "Shoop." Chrissy approves.

Justin Bieber — "Big Girls Don't Cry"

Lip Sync Battle on Spike on YouTube

The Biebs as Fergie. It's definitely fergalicious and makes the boys go loco.

Will Arnett — "Everything is Awesome"

Lip Sync Battle on Spike on YouTube

Arnett is all about that Lego life, doing the robot and lip syncing to Andy Samberg's "awesome" rap.

Gregg Sulkin — "Milkshake"

Lip Sync Battle on Spike on YouTube

Sulkin brings all the boys to the yard and twerks. He tweks, people! And he manages to pull off that curly Kelis wig. Keep rewatching Taraji P. Henson's teaser and these clips to tide you over until the Empire special episode airs on August 20th.