Emma Thompson Used to Date Who?!

There are some people in this world who are just better than you. Emma Thompson is one of those people. I don't know who you are, so no offense, but Emma Thompson is probably better than you. If she's not, then at the very least you want her around for a dinner party. This is never more apparent than when Thompson is on a press tour, as she is for Saving Mr. Banks right at this moment. It's all just reminding us that Emma Thompson is our favorite person. Here are the best things she's said on certain topics recently:

On dating Hugh Laurie throughout their time at Cambridge, which is a thing that happened which will be treasured throughout history:

He was rowing in the Oxford and Cambridge boat race. He was enormous and eating steak all the time. And asleep for the rest of the time. He was also very funny.

And even though this is an Emma Thompson article we have to include what Laurie said about her, because it's great:

Everything she did just oozed talent. She said talented things, she wore talented clothes, she rode a talented bicycle, she made talented spaghetti. She is a truly remarkable person, a very good friend, and I could not be prouder.”

Here's what she said on the comparison between PL Travers and Thompson, who starred as Nanny McPhee and also wrote the screenplay:

[My husband] did say to me, ‘Isn’t it interesting that P.L. Travers wrote a magical nanny, and you’ve written a magical nanny. Do you think that behind every magical nanny there’s a cantankerous, opinionated old bat?’

On what the hardest part of Saving Mr. Banks was? "The perm."

Move over, Jennifer Lawrence, your press tour is over. It's Emma Thompson's turn. Forever.