This Speed Dating Event In China Made Women Wash Off Their Makeup, And That's Not The Worst Of It

Dating, in general, can be really awkward. Speed dating, on the other hand, can be really freaking awkward. I’ve honestly never done it, but I can only imagine how odd it must be to try and get to know someone or make something happen before the bell goes off and it’s on to the next prospect. Besides, speed dating can be construed as kind of shallow. After all, people tend to be more focused on their date's physical attributes due to the limited time they to get to know a person. But if you think speed dating is shallow and awkward enough, just wait until to read about a mass speed dating event that took place in eastern China this past weekend. Chances are, you’re not going to like it. Let’s just say it involves breaking out the tape measure, and that’s never a good thing.

According to a report by People Daily Online, more than 30,000 people looking for love gathered at a water park in Hangzhou, eastern China, for a mass dating event. According to the report, organizers of the event asked women to remove their makeup so men wouldn’t judge them on appearance. OK. But if you think that’s the worst of it, you’d be wrong. In fact, one particular portion of the event that got Chinese social media buzzing with rage had men taking tape measures and wrapping them around the women’s breasts in order to measure their boob size. So much for that whole non-judging thing.

Because of the complete bizarreness of it all, people on Weibo, which is the Chinese version of Twitter, were quick to criticize the event.

According to CCTV China, @Maidaoheng asked the all-important question, “Degrading females … Does this mean only women’s faces and boobs are important?”

Meanwhile, @Yeduxijiao offered up suggestions for men, “Well, in this sense, I suggest men should show their property and income documents.”

But @Xiaohailinvesheia made a good point commenting, “What a [bad] social atmosphere! It shows the freakiest side of a male-dominated society … It’s funny when women don’t even respect themselves.”

China is still a pretty male-dominated society, but it is pretty alarming to see women actually choosing to push that agenda forward. But then again, what can you really do about it? They seemed to have willingly participated in those activities, so it’s not like we can really judge.

Here’s a look into what exactly happened at this mass dating event:

1. Women Were "Encouraged" To Not Wear Makeup

I would, of course, use the word "encourage" lightly since there happened to be a long table made available for women to use with a bowl full of water and facial cleanser.

2. Men Broke Out The Tape Measure And Measured Women's Breast Sizes

Unbelievable, right? Well, believe it, because it happened, according to New York Times reporter, Chris Buckley. Look at them smiling like it's all normal. FYI, it's not. Where is feminism when we need it?

3. But There Were Other Activities Too! Such As Tug of War...

4. And Water Gun Squirting!

Activities like that always make for good date-bonding fun.

5. Oh Yeah, Guys Also Did Squats While Holding A Girl In Their Arms

ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Well, that's one way to bond I guess.

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Images: CC0 License/Pexels; CCTV News/Facebook