9 Photos Of Zayn Malik & Perrie Edwards To Remember Their Once-Happy Relationship By

This year, Zayn Malik is apparently determined to be single in every sense of the word. First, came his devastating break up with One Direction and now, this. "This," of course being that Malik and Perrie Edwards have ended their engagement, according to People. I guess we should have seen it coming, but Directioners are glass half full people, right? We didn't want to preemptively go ahead and assume that just because true boy band love ended in an unfathomable fashion that true romantic love would follow a similar suit only months later. But, alas, it has.

I think it's safe to say that I'm a bit dejected by the revelation, not because Hollywood relationships last particularly long or anything, but because for all intents and purposes they looked really happy together. Edwards often shared pictures of her former fiance on her social media pages. And, from time to time, Malik would as well. They readily fooled us with their sweet snaps, heartfelt captions, and by the manner in which the pictures were shared. They proudly showed off their relationship to the masses and now we, the masses, are all sort of let down. What's there left to do now that there probably won't be any pictures like that in our future? Reminisce over the old ones, of course.

Here are nine pics Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards shared before the ultimate storm:

1. When He Was Inspired By Her Christmas Spirit

Now, of Christmas Past. </3

2. When She Called Him Her "Man"

Le sigh.

3. When She Shouted Out His Mom

And called her her "mother-in-law." Ugh.

4. When She Loved Him In Spite Of His Green Hair

That's love.

5. When They Took These Hot Shots

Man buns, floppy hats, and romance.

6. When He Kissed Her Cheek Mid-Selfie

*Whistles the notes to "Killing Me Softly"*

7. When They Did This But Still Somehow Looked Cute Together


8. Whatever This Sorcery Is

Gazing lovingly into each others eyes? Things like that actually exist?!

9. This Shot Of Him Staring Into Our Souls

Well, really her soul. But, the point here is that we feel like we were apart of this relationship, too.

BRB, going to look over these photos a few hundred more times.