7 Closet Organizers For Your Tiny Dorm Room

by Charmaine Simmons

Well humans, it's almost September, which means it's nearly time for college students to head back to campus. Whether you're an incoming freshman or a returning sophomore, junior, or senior, you most likely know the struggle of organizing your dorm room closet. I mean, how do universities expect us to fit our entire wardrobes into those tiny holes in the wall?

I remember moving into my freshman dorm like it was yesterday. Being the devoted fashion-lover that I am, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to bring my entire wardrobe with me. Upon first stepping into the building, I was downright shocked when I realized how small my closet and room were. I had purchased so many new clothes to boot, yet there I was without any closet organizers to fit all of my items into.

If you're anything like me, you probably want to bring as many accessories, clothing, and shoes to school as you can, to ensure you have enough options for every possible event ahead. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to utilize the small space you have so as not to sacrifice your beloved possessions, from jewelry holders to hanging shoe racks.

Here are seven college closet organizers that'll ensure you start the year off just right.

1. Hanging Shoe Shelves

Hanging Shoe Shelves, $9, Dormco

If you are someone who has a large shoe collection, this item is a must-have. Considering you will be probably be sharing a small room with another person, you will need to preserve all the floor space you can. Hanging shoe shelves are awesome because they hold up to 12 pairs of kicks while taking up a small amount of closet space. Plus, the shelves are very affordable, so you can order as many as you need.

2. Closet Extender

Over The Door Closet Extender, $13, Dormco

This closet extender will give you 20 inches more closet space, which means you can shop online with no regrets this semester.

3. Clear Storage Bags

PEVA Sweater Bags, $9, Container Store

Are you itching to pack your winter sweaters and other chunky knits, but worried they'll take up too much space months before you even need them? Well, I am here to tell you that there is a smart way to store them in your closet. These plastic storage bags are great for placing at the bottom of your closet or under your bed without taking up tons of space. Once the winter comes, you can take them out and place your summer items in the plastic storage bags instead.

4. Stacking Drawers

Large Tint Stacking Drawers — Pack of 4, $56, Container Store

Based on your dorm room's setup, you may or may not be provided with additional drawers for your clothing. If you find yourself needing some extra room, these stacking drawers will be a great fit. You can place everything from clothing items to hair products in these stacked beauties. Plus, they won't take up that much space in your closet.

5. Jewelry Hanger

Bling Hang It Jewelry Hanger, $8, Bed Bath and Beyond

Are you worried that your necklaces are going to get tangled together or that you'll lose your favorite earrings? Don't fret! This jewelry hanger is a match made in heaven for those who have a lot of accessories. It can be attached to your closet door for hanging up all your favorite gems.

6. Scarf Holder

Owl Scarf Holder, $5, Bed Bath and Beyond

If you attend college somewhere with cold weather in the fall and winter, scarves are a must. However, how do you plan on storing your scarfs? This scarf holder is a simple solution. Plus, it comes in the shape of an owl, which is too adorable to pass up.

7. Under The Bed Storage

Under The Bed Storage Box Minni Large, $15, Dormify

While not necessarily for your closet, this under-the-bed storage box is great for storing all the additional items that just won't fit in that closet. The container is slim enough that it'll comfortably fit under that tiny twin size bed.

College dorm rooms are never exactly a haven for spaciousness, but at least the world has a plethora of funky boxes and containers to see us through.

Images: dormify/Instagram; Courtesy Brands