Hear Fifth Harmony's Fun & Funky New Song

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from Fifth Harmony's "I'm In Love With a Monster," the group's new song for Sony Pictures' upcoming animated kids movie Hotel Transylvania 2. But, when the tune leaked online on Monday afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. "I'm In Love With a Monster" is an up-tempo jam with a funky groove reminiscent of The Temptations' 1966 classic, "Get Ready." If it weren't for the track's lyrics — which find 5H singing about falling in love with an actual monster (like, you know, Frankenstein, or something like that) — I could totally see it working on pop radio.

(Note: According to a June press release, Hotel Transylvania 2 is at least partially about Dracula's vampire daughter starting a family with a human man, so, while the song's lyrics are pretty strange, they're definitely appropriate. Mainstream commercial success may not be in the cards for "I'm In Love With a Monster," but it might become your new Halloween anthem.)

Underutilized Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui sings "I'm In Love With a Monster's" first verse:

Oh, he'll buy me a thorn before he'll buy me a rose

Be covered in dirt before I'm covered in gold

He's trying it on, yeah, he's ticking me off

Say what you want, but I won't ever be told

'Cause I'm in love with a monster

Camila Cabello handles the pre-chorus:

Friends say I'm stupid and I'm out of my mind

But without you, boy, I'd be bored all the time

No, I don't really care for the same conversation

Got everything I need, I'd rather be chasing

Chasing love with a monster

And Normani Kordei and Ally Hernandez join Jauregui for the catchy hook:

I'm in love (I'm in love)

I'm in love (I'm in love)

I'm in love with a monster

I'm in love (I'm in love)

I'm in love (I'm in love)

I'm in love with a monster

I'm in love with a monster

There's no word yet on whether or not 5H will push "I'm In Love With a Monster" as an official single, but, regardless, it's always nice to hear new material from the band.

Hotel Transylvania 2 hits theaters nationwide on Sept. 25.