Drew's Eyewear Designs Are Beyond Chic

by Sienna Fantozzi

Get really excited, because Drew Barrymore is expanding her FLOWER beauty brand, and it's now going to include eyewear, so we can rock seriously cool specs, just like Drew. And they are actually really affordable, win-win!

The actress launched her beauty brand for Wal-Mart in 2013, but thanks to some fan feedback, she's decided to branch out from beauty products and add a line of eyewear. While offering advice during one of her Tip Tuesday sessions on how to apply eye makeup while wearing glasses (the struggle is real), fans started asking where they could find her stylish-yet-edgy-yet-sophisticated frames, so she decided to design FLOWER frames. And they are seriously making a case for me retiring my contacts.

The frames include both optical and sunglasses, and are named after characters she's played in films, which just makes choosing one all the more fun.

But eyewear aside, the brand is a beauty line, first and foremost, and Drew let us in on the one product from it she absolutely cannot live without: the Skincognito foundation stick. "It’s like my American Express — don’t leave home without it," she said. Well that's a pretty powerful endorsement.

Still deciding what you want to purchase? Here are five things I absolutely need from the FLOWER line.

Olive Specs

As little miss Christmas herself, I'm going for the opticals named after Olive the reindeer. Plus, the tortoise pattern is funky but still chic.

Olive Specs; $88;

Skincognito Stick

If it's as important to Drew as a credit card, it must be worth checking out.

FLOWER Skincognition Stick Foundation; $8.98;

Blush/Bronzer Duo

I am not down for my tan fading when the summer ends. This will help keep that beachy glow.

FLOWER Glow Baby Glow Blush-Bronzer Duo; $9.98;

Lip Tint

A hint of color, but still natural.

FLOWER Sheer Up Lip Tint; $7.98;


These wine colored sunglasses are perfect for fall.

LILY sunglasses; $39;

Images: Walmart; Flower Eye Wear; Getty Images