Steal Lucy Hale's 'PLL' Prom Look

Dressed up as different fairytale characters, the Liars are primped and ready to write their own happily ever afters by revealing Charles' identity. From Rapunzel to Ariel to Little Red, each Liar has channeled their own inner fairytale character, but out of all of their outfits, I feel like Lucy Hale's Pretty Little Liars prom look, which channels a modern Snow White look, is the best of the bunch.

Don't get me wrong, Hanna, Emily, Spencer, Mona, and Alison all have gorgeous gowns, but their ensembles are definitely better suited for fancier outings and events. Aria's crop top and midi skirt can definitely be worn on more casual occasions, like date night or even a wedding. And in case you didn't notice, to rock the full Snow White look, you just have to add the iconic red bow to your outfit.

Lucy Hale uploaded an Instagram picture of her Snow White outfit and wow, can I just say that PLL's costume designer, Mandi Lane, created the look perfectly? The outfit consists of the general color palette of Snow White's dress, but the modern touch comes through the floral midi skirt and the crop cut of the royal blue crop top.

Whether you want to channel your inner princess at dinner tonight or you want to bookmark this page until Halloween rolls around, here's how you can steal Hale's Snow White look.

1. Dark Blue Crop Top

Love the matching set, but for the Snow White look, you'll only be needing the top. (Opening Ceremony Jacquard Crop Top, $245,

2. Floral Midi Skirt

This pleated skirt is a great option if you want a structured fit (Grand Royale Midi Skirt, $45.50,

But if you want something a little more casual, a flowy fit might be better. (Somedays Lovin Midi Skirt, $89,

3. Red Bow Headband

Love this statement bow! Just wear it to the side and all you'll be missing are seven dwarves. (Red Velvet Bow Headband, $24.05,

But if you want something a little more subtle, getting a bow hair clip would be perfect. (Red Bow Hair Clip, $5,

Image: lucyhale/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands