The First GOP Debate Was Totally Awkward

Boy oh boy, what an evening for American politics. I don't know about the rest of you, but I watched most of this first Republican presidential debate between my fingers like I would a scary movie. What a cringe-fest. These gentlemen certainly know how to make things extremely uncomfortable for themselves, each other, and even the moderators (oh, poor Megyn Kelly, Brett Baier, and Chris Wallace). From the very awkward stage standing from all the candidates before the start of the debate to pretty much every last movement, facial expression, and word from Trump from the moment he started talking, the evening was a lot to take in. Who knows how long it will be before my stomach settles and my eyes want to fully open again. I'm sure basically everyone in the entire world who watched this event noticed that this debate had some very awkward moments.

Beyond the severe case of secondhand embarrassment I just experienced, I'm also reveling in a bit of schadenfreude. It's kind of fun to see these people flounder and make asses of themselves (more than usual, that is). To that effect, here are the most uncomfortable moments from the first Republican debate for us to relive over and over as the presidential election season drags on.

"Come On Out, Guys"

Well the evening started out on quite the awkward note. When it was time for the candidates to take the stage, moderator Megyn Kelly had to ask them several times to "come on out!" Who knows what on earth they were doing back there ...

The Starting Lineup

The candidates just kind of stood there silently facing the crowd as they were introduced by the moderators. Just standing there. Doing nothing. For about a minute.

Rubio Was Having A Bit Of A Tough Time

Bless his heart, Rubio seemed just a tad nervous on Thursday evening. And who could blame him? This is probably the most important moment of his political career so far. But that said, he was tripping over his words quite a bit, and I couldn't help but wince and feel a bit sorry for him.

Paul's Angry Duck Lips

Yeah. He's just straight up not having it from Christie. Paul needs to practice his poker face like, right now.

Carson Starts Preaching

He might have had some Christians saying "amen," but the mini-sermon from Carson about tithing and the character of god made me feel really weird. Save it for Sunday, buddy.

Shot Down

Yeah, no, Ted Cruz. Pipe down.

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