'Sound of Music Live': What Did Twitter Think of Carrie Underwood, Stephen Moyer, and More?

NBC's hills might have been alive with Thursday night's Sound of Music Live , but, during the live event starring Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer as Captain and Maria von Trapp, Twitter was alive with the sound of sarcasm and snark. But it's hardly a surprise that the television event would have invited ridicule from critics and the online community — after all, we are talking about an American Idol alum and True Blood star taking on the roles made famous by Oscar winners Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. (Heck, Underwood herself was already feeling the burn on Twitter, being the recipient of hate messages even before Sound of Music live aired Thursday night.) The duo was was bound to be stacked up against skepticism.

That said, Twitter didn't hate everything about the night. Legions of watchers supported the awe-inspiring vocal stylings of Audra McDonald, as Mother Superior, while Michael Campayno's butt (clad in a pair of super-tight Nazi shorts) almost made Sound of Music fans want to root for Rolf. But what were some of the most amusing 140-character mockeries of Thursday's Sound of Music Live? Read them below, and remember that, hey, who could possibly follow up Julie Andrews?

Carrie Underwood

But, then again, Underwood did have some practical defenders:

Stephen Moyer

Moyer also had his supporters:

Audra McDonald

The Villains

The Fashion

And, of course, the best tweet of the evening comes courtesy of paternity shit-stirrer Mia Farrow:

Image: Will Hart/NBC