You've Been Washing Your Bra All Wrong

by Hayli Goode

As if they weren't enough of a nuisance, bras decided they'd be difficult garments to wash, too. Sadly, if you don't know how to wash your bra properly, it can result in a completely destroyed bra. It's very likely you've been washing your trusty brassieres incorrectly for who knows how long — possibly since 6th grade even! The worst part? We all know that these babies don't come cheap.

Unfortunately, the tedious nature of a bra does not simply include how to wash them, but also how often and with what else in the machine. Let's be honest, no one has the time or patience to do a load simply for one or two pieces of intimates, and society shouldn't ask us to garner the toleration.

In order to keep our wallets happy and our bras long-lived, take a look at this dos and don'ts when it comes to washing your bra. And while it may seem like more work than you've been used to in the past, it will pay off immensely. Because we all know once we find that bra that works for our shape and size, we can never let it go. These tips will help make sure that doesn't have to happen!

Do: Check The Label

In case you weren't aware, much like your shirts and pants, bras also have washing instructions on the tag. Start there for what the experts, or designers, recommend for washing the piece. I recommend checking the label before purchasing a bra. In extreme cases, a bra will be so delicate that it actually requires a hand wash.

Don't: Use Bleach

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While checking the tag, if you see an X, that means the bra simply cannot handle bleach. Heather Cichowski of Into the Gloss writes using bleach could literally lead to your bra melting in the washing machine.

Do: Wash Them Fairly Often

Rule of thumb, according the the Huffington Post: If you don't remember the last time you washed your bra, it's time to wash your bra.

Don't: Throw It In With Like Colors

Kate Spade Wash & Wear Bag, $25, Saks Fifth Avenue

You've been doing laundry for a number of years now. Common sense tells you to throw like colors together and wash according to the color. But for bras, it's not that simple. Throwing a piece of intimate clothing in heavy machinery alongside a bulk of other items is not a good idea. It could damage the bra and therefore shorten its lifespan. You must now decide if its worth the convenience of throwing it in with bigger pieces of clothing and bra shopping every other month, or do a separate load of only intimates. You could also consider buying a lingerie bag to keep your bras separate from the rest of your clothes.

Do: Fasten The Snaps

This will protect your bra from getting mixed and torn and pulled and tugged while it spins at top speed inside your washing machine. This is especially important if your bra has underwire.

Don't: Put Them In The Dryer

Putting bras in the dryer could lead to having the shape damaged or destroyed. I don't know about you, but I'm not a huge fan of the lumpy bra cup.

Do: Hang Dry Or Lay Dry

Jolie Kerr, a cleaning expert and advice columnist for Jezebel recommends always laying your bra out on a towel or hanging them on a drying rack. She also reiterated what you should know by now: NEVER EVER put your bra in the dryer.

Don't: Hang It By The Band

Like sweaters, Chichowksi says this is the perfect way to stretch the band quicker, making the bra too big for your frame.

Do: Store Them Properly

After all this work to wash your bra properly, you better take some care to store them properly.

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