Kate Middleton Just Made Ponytails Cool

By Candace Bryan

Kate Middleton is going absolutely nut-so lately. Ever since she blew a prince out of her vagina, England's favorite Dutchess has really been letting loose. First of all, in late November she wore what some called her "Edgiest Outfit" ever: a navy blue skirt suit that was (gasp!) paired with dark tights and showed a lot of leg.

Middleton wasn't done shocking our decent sensibilities there. Earlier this week, she dyed her hair a totally mind-blowing color: a slightly darker shade of brown. She even had the audacity to get a fancy $984 haircut to go with it.

It seemed as though all this was, perhaps, merely a phase. Perhaps after the media cruelly insisted on blowing up pictures of her hair and zooming in on the slightly grey roots, she just really needed a change. But then, on Thursday December 5, Middleton attended the 2013 Royal Film Performance in London wearing a ponytail with long bangs on the side, that looked so casual it almost looked like she'd put it up herself just moments before stepping on the red carpet. To accentuate the carefree attitude her hair was expressing, she also allegedly wore a $35 necklace from a store where commoners shop...Zara!

At this rate, it seems like anything could happen. Before we know it, the newly rebellious princess will be wearing red lipstick and listening to that new-fangled rock 'n' roll music.

In all seriousness, though: as simple and overly analyzed as any changes she makes are, it's pretty refreshing to see Kate Middleton do anything other than her norm. As a woman who is constantly seen in the media, yet very rarely heard, perhaps these slightly out-of-the-box beauty and fashion choices are her way of reminding everyone that she's not actually a robot-despite her inexplicably shiny hair.

Also, despite its messiness, that ponytail is pretty boss.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images