Leslie Mann's Jergens Gig Is All About Skin Love

Once again, over-40 is the new 20 in the beauty world and that's always a very good thing. Funny lady Leslie Mann is Jergens' new ambassador for the skincare brand's "You're More Than Just a Pretty Face" campaign. Mann's appointment as a Jergens' spokesmodel reminds us that caring for your skin is an ageless endeavor.

It's about loving your skin, all of the time. And there's a new range of products that will help aid in that pursuit.

Mann is 43 and she looks utterly amazing. Her sunny disposition and her penchant for physical comedy in movies like The Other Woman make her instantly relatable. But, really, this campaign is super important not only because it spotlights a gorgeous woman in her 40s.

It also reminds women to look after the skin of their bodies, not simply the skin of their faces.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and therefore should never be neglected. From top to toe, there are a lot of parts in need of pampering, washing, and moisturizing. Yes, it can be daunting and even exhausting. But caring for your skin is a lifelong committment. Who better to impart that message than the relatable and approachable Mann?

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In a press release, Jergen's Karen Frank said, "We believe that your whole body is beautiful and that the skin on your body is just as important as the skin on your face." I totally back that philosophy. I am certainly no fan of dry, flaky, scaly, ignored skin.

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Dry and unpampered skin instantly ages you. I truly believe I look 10 years younger because I consume so much water and because I moisturize so religiously that my bathroom is pretty much a church. I look at skin like Glenn Close's Alex looks at Michael Douglas' Dan in Fatal Attraction. It won't be ignored!

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Frank continued, "With the 'You're More Than Just a Pretty Face' campaign, we hope to inspire women to love everything about themselves, playing off the well-known colloquialism while also reminding them to make the most of their biggest natural beauty asset, their skin, without taking ourselves too seriously. When we looked at Leslie’s attributes and how women felt about her, they really related to her. They love her humor, her attitude, that she was multifaceted."


So what about this new Wet Skin Moisturizer that I am dying to try?

Well, here's the facts.

1. Quick + Intense

Who has time to waste when it comes to post-shower moisturizing, especially in winter? The Wet Skin Moisturizer offers quick and intense hydration, blending with post-shower water. You take advantage of skin at its most moist, without any drying time. It's said to absorb for double moisturizing in half the time if you apply immediately to damp skin. That's math I am certainly willing to test.

2. Mmm! Smells So Good

The scents are heaven in a bottle! There's Nourishing Monoi Oil, which offers a light, gardenia scent. Ahh!

There's refreshing Coconut Oil. It's fruity and beachy enough to transport you to a beach, even in November.

Calming Green Tea oil... so refreshing.

Yes, taking care of your face is a primo priority. So is taking care of the rest of your skin. I don't go a day without moisturizing my skin... from top to bottom. Leslie Mann and Jergens remind you to pamper all your parts!

The concept is appealing and the product? Well, I am always looking for even more ways to moisturize so playing with these moisturizers every AM is on my immediate "To Do" list.

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