Keri Russell's Bad Week Just Got Worse

by Lindsay Mannering

If ever there was a time to pull out your Felicity box set, put it on your mantel, light a few candles, and pour one out for our girl, it's now. First her Brooklyn Heights home (which, by the way, is absolutely stunning) was burglarized at 3 a.m. on Wednesday while she was home — The Americans actress called 911 after hearing footsteps and voices in her house — and now People reports that Keri Russell and husband Shane Deary have separated. The couple has reportedly been separated since this summer, so while it's old news to them, it's just now been made public.

Russell and Deary married seven years ago on Valentine's Day and have a son, River, 6, and a daughter, Wila, who's just about two. Their reps say that the split is amicable and that they're going to focus on their children.

Ever since Russell burst onto the scene as the curly-haired college freshman we couldn't help but love, we've followed her every move. From Felicity to Mission Impossible III to Waitress to August Rush to Extraordinary Measures to Dark Skies to now FX's The Americans, we've rooted for her. I mean, we even watched Running Wilde, that short-lived sitcom she made with Will Arnett. Did we mention that Russell was in an episode of Boy Meets World? Because that happened. And we remember it.

Point is, we're fans and we just want her to be happy. Is it a little creepy that we feel closer to her than some family members? Don't answer that. Hopefully Russell's separation will bring her to a better place. And if she needs someone to talk to, we're here. And we're embarrassingly available. Call us, Ker.

Image: ABC