Watch These Book-To-Movie Adaptations On Netflix

If you loved the book Paper Towns, you probably also loved the film adaptation that came out this summer. The movie, starring Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff, is a bittersweet coming-of-age story based on John Green's novel. If you're prone to tears, this feature might best be viewed within the privacy of your own home. But when will you be able to do that — aka, when will Paper Towns be on Netflix? The movie just came out in US theaters a few weeks ago, so it's likely that it'll be a hot minute before you can stream it online. Consider yourself lucky, though; the film hasn't even been released in theaters in many countries yet!

There are rumors online that the Paper Towns DVD will be released this fall, with some sources stating timelines as specific as Oct. 20. If that's the case, it may well be another year before Paper Towns is made available for free streaming. The movie will likely be available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes sooner than that, but since Netflix doesn't charge by the title for streaming, popular films take a bit longer to get there. So we could be looking at fall 2016 as a realistic time for Paper Towns to find its way into your Netflix queue. But don't start crying; even though this adaptation isn't yet available for streaming, there are tons of other great movies based on books which are currently streaming on Netflix. Below are just a few you might like.

1. Stardust

This is, in my opinion, one of the most charmingly underrated fantasy films of all time. Like Paper Towns, it features a loveble male protagonist (played by Charlie Cox) who finds himself setting out on an adventure-filled journey for the sake of the woman he loves. Based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, Stardust also features a gem of a performance by Robert DeNiro in a very surprisingly role (I won't ruin it)!

2. White Bird In A Blizzard

This film features another incredible actress from a John Green adaptation: Shailene Woodley, who starred in The Fault in Our Stars. It's also similar to Paper Towns in that it involves the disappearance of a beautiful but perplexing woman- this time played by Eva Green. It is based on the book of the same name by Laura Kasischke.

3. Election

A high school movie like Paper Towns, this film is an adaptation of the novel Election by Tom Perrotta. It features Matthew Broderick as an "everyman" high school teacher in the 90s and a young Reese Witherspoon as the bubbly overachiever who gets on Broderick's last nerve. It's funny, quirky, and surprisingly dirty; don't watch with your parents.

4. Interview With The Vampire

This adaptation of Anne Rice's 1976 novel features amazing performances by Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and an itty-bitty Kirsten Dunst. Like Paper Towns, it's a pretty long film, which can be a struggle if you have a strict 90-minute attention span. But the length of Interview is a good thing because it gives you ample time to wrap your head around how well Tom Cruise pulls off long blonde hair. Not joking.

So you've got a bit of a hefty wait before Paper Towns will be gracing your Netflix tab with its presence. But with so many other great things to watch in the meantime, I'm pretty confident you'll survive.

Images: 20th Century Fox, Giphy