Macy's Same-Day Delivery Is Here

Online shopping allows consumers to purchase with a few simple keystrokes, and app-based purchases result from a swipe of the finger, but Macys' new same-day delivery service for consumer purchases is truly the next big thing in streamlining the shopping experience. Quartz reports that the function is not unlike that of Amazon, whose revolutionary pursuit of drone deliveries has effectively turned the notion of quick shipping on its head.

However pioneering the notion of on-demand deliveries may be for shoppers seeking a quick fix, the concept is even more monumental for modern culture at large. In a world where world-class cuisine, transportation, beauty services, and even a date are all available at the snap — or swipe — of one's finger's, shopping has become the next industry transformed by immediacy of demand. Though Macy's isn't necessarily a pioneer in the instantaneous delivery sphere, its vast selection of merchandise now available for immediate use places the retailer in a uniquely dominant position amongst other stores.

If you're simultaneously looking for a toaster to replace your busted appliance in addition to a lipstick shade that corresponds with your bohemian, '70s wardrobe for autumn, you can now have both in less time than it would take to travel to separate stores for each purchase. Revolutionary, indeed. Read on for everything you need to know about Macys' intriguing new endeavor.

1. On-Demand Shipping Will Only Be Available in 17 Cities

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If you happen to reside in Honolulu, Atlanta, New York City, or one of 14 other cosmopolitan centers in the United States, you will have access to Macys' same-day shipping option.

2. Macy's Is Outsourcing Delivery Needs To Silicon Valley-Based Delivery Company Deliv

A startup offering GPS-equipped drivers for one's delivery needs, Deliv is already favored by companies ranging from Walmart to Guinness.

3. A Same-Day Delivery Will Cost You

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If you crave that slouchy Rag & Bone sweater or Chanel powder compact within 24 hours, the demand will cost you — a $5 supplement, to be exact. Pretty reasonable price to pay for near instant gratification!

4. Macy's Test-Drove On-Demand Deliveries With Eight Cities — And Consumers Were Beyond Pleased

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After taking one-demand deliveries for a test run last year, Macy's COO R.B. Harrison reported great success. "When we piloted same-day delivery in eight markets initially last fall, we learned that our customers appreciate the additional option of having their purchase brought to their home or office in a matter of hours," Harrison recounted for the venture's press release.

5. Returns Are Now On-Demand, Too


If your impulse purchase isn't quite the thrill you'd imagined, Macy's is also providing consumers with the option to return their wares by organizing an on-demand pickup by a Deliv driver.

Image: macys/Instagram