Furry Accessories That Aren't Too Much

It's official: Fuzzy things are at the center of fall accessorizing. It might seem like a bit of an odd trend to accessorize with furry and fuzzy pom poms, but it's just so fun. Sure, it might initially seem intimidating, but aren't the best accessories in that category? Transparent purses, rompers and bodysuits as evening wear, and now — pom poms. Yup, warmth with a bit of chic is a rare combo, but prepare to see it everywhere this fall. Even the most reserved of fashion girls won't be able to resist. At least I know I won't be able to.

A good way to get acclimated to a trend is by slowly introducing it into your wardrobe. But keep in mind, one pair of black Nikes does not a Health Goth make. Incorporating a new trend into your wardrobe should be thoughtful and well-curated to have the biggest impact. You want it to gradually become a part of your wardrobe, without letting it take over or be entirely underwhelming — in this case, an all-black palette is always a safe go-to. Fur is a very of-the-moment trend, and there are plenty of subtle pieces you can wear to slowly but surely get it right.

1. Fluffy Clutch

A furry clutch can be quite the enigma, because faux fur tends to look quite playful, while a clutch is notoriously an evening accessory. When they are paired together, they create an interesting hybrid that can be dressed down with denim or dressed up in heels. Although it might come across as a very particular piece, its ability to transition from day to night is actually pretty seamless.

River Island Mixed Fur Clutch, $64, ASOS

2. Beanie Babe

For just a hint of the fur trend, sport a beanie with a pom pom at the top for one of those odd accessory gems that is both childlike and chic at the same time.

Topshop Pom Beanie Hat, $26, Top Shop

3. Fuzzy Key Chain

If you aren't quite ready to commit to a floor-length fur jacket, this furry little accent is for you. Fendi did it first for shoppers with, well, a lack of a budget (some of their keychains go for $3,000), but luckily plenty of other brands have caught on to the furry keychain obsession and have created equally cool, yet affordable, options. Now your keys will never get cold.

Crushes Pom Pom Keyrings, $9, Bread and Butter Letter

4. Fluffy Sandals

It might feel counter-intuitive to style your sandals with fur in the midst of sweltering summer weather, but faux fur makes for a fun addition to an evening look. They aren't nearly as edgy as Gucci's F/W 15 Yetti-chic slippers, but they do let you try out a toned down version of this trend.

ASOS Flemming Pom Pom Sandals, $34, ASOS

5. Pom Pom Hair Tie

For a simple, yet effective way to fluff up your look, tie back your beach waves with this colorful hair tie. Yes, you probably owned this exact thing in third grade, but now you're a grown up so you can call it fashion.

Zooey Blue Pom Pom Hair Tie, $12, Rock n Rose

6. Backpack

This is the perfect blend of trendy and functional. Investing in a furry little backpack means you get to show off your fashion chops while still actually carrying around necessary things like books and wallet (something those teeny tiny clutches from the early 2000s did not permit).

Story of Lola Faux Fur Backpack, $68, ASOS

7. Fur Vest

One of the boldest ways to sport fur is by incorporating it into your clothing. A fur vest, however, is a perfect combination of garment and accessory because it can so easily be removed. Choose a vest in a more neutral color to make for a less in-your-face look.

Classic Faux Fur Vest, $58, Forever 21

Whether trends are your thing or not, throwing a pom pom accessory onto an ensemble can never really be a bad choice, right?

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)