5 Jaclyn Hill Contour & Highlight Hacks

by Julia Guerra

If you are tapped into the wonderful world of beauty vlogs, you are probably familiar with the co-creator of the limited edition shade of BECCA's Shimmering Skin Perfector Champagne Pop, Jaclyn Hill. If not, you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with this Florida native. Not only has she racked up 2 million subscribers on her Youtube channel, but this 25-year-old broke Sephora’s record for “most purchased product on its first day of release” according to Refinery 29. Impressive stuff.

The sky is clearly the limit for this professional makeup artist, because if this collaboration could generate a cult following within hours, I can only imagine the epic response her signature makeup line Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics will receive.

Not only does Hill know how to create the perfect cosmetic formula, she also knows just how to maneuver her makeup to create the exact look she’s going for.

Celebs make contouring and highlighting look like a cake walk, but there are so many techniques and tricks that can be mega challenging to master. Therefore, as a loyal member of the pale population, I greatly appreciate finding new ways to give my skin a boost in the bright direction.

Check out five of Hill's contour and highlighting hacks that you apply to your own beauty routines.

1. Highlight More Than The Cheeks

To achieve the ultimate poolside highlight, Hill applies Champagne Pop — what else? — by using a Morph 501 cosmetic brush. She then drags the powder "along the tops of [her] cheekbones, along the side of [her] eye area, down the apples of her cheeks."

Hill would like to remind us that highlighting is not restricted to our facial features. For added shimmer, Hill applies Champagne Pop to her shoulders, collarbone and top of chest.

2. Use Under-Eye Concealer To Create Facial Shape

Using a clean finger, Hill applies her under eye concealer "down the sides of [her] nose and upward back towards [her] temple in order to create her facial shape of preference."

3. Create Perky Cheeks

Hill stresses that in order to create perky cheeks, apply your cream contour to the tip of your makeup brush. Work the product along the contour line, pushing upwards in order to avoid dragging it down.

4. Contour With Drug Store Foundation & Concealer

For foundation, invest in a good brush that will make it possible to evenly distribute a small amount of product all around your face. In terms of concealer, you'll want to use a damp beauty blender because it will basically make over-doing concealer impossible. Also, try dabbing your concealer in the opposite direction you are used to in order to avoid creasing. When contouring, use a brush to apply liquid foundation across your contour line for a natural look.

5. Find Your Contour Color

When it comes to finding the right contour color, Hill recommends first identifying your powder of choice. From there, go three to four shades darker and viola! Mission: Contour color accomplished.

Images: jaclynhill/Instagram