This Photo Will Help You Get Walker's Campaign

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a man who's "fighting to win" for America. Because we Americans, we fight and win against anyone — ISIS, unions (I mean, those two are one in the same, right?) — and we do it on the back of a Harley Davidson while eating some barbecue. Walker laughed when Fox News' Megyn Kelly asked him about how he was preparing for Thursday's GOP debate and said he plans on relaxing and visiting Wisconsin's state fair, according to CNN. The happy-go-lucky, American-loving, abortion-rights-hating Republican might seem complex. But the below photo sums Walker up perfectly and tells you just what you need to know about him before Thursday's debate.

Walker, who began his campaign announcement speech with "I love America," is famous for stripping Wisconsin unions of their collective bargaining abilities while also restricting access to abortion for women across the state and cutting taxes for corporations, according to ABC News. Politico wrote that Walker's "plain-spoken" style and "familiarity as the governor next door" combined with his roots in Iowa could make it hard for other candidates to beat him in the important state. And Walker has capitalized on this "governor next door" image by remaining a bit goofy, maybe slightly aloof, and completely devoted to his conservative ways — whether those traits are purposeful was a question until this photo, which answers all questions about who Walker is before the big debate:

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The image shows Walker washing down a "cheezborger" with a Schlitz beer at the famous Billy Goat Tavern during a campaign stop in July in Chicago, Illinois, according to Getty Images. The beer, the red tie, and Walker diving, without shame, into the burger seem to represent all of Walker's 'Merican values. This is a candidate who will eat to win — I mean fight to win — for America, even if he doesn't have the experience necessary to go beyond U.S. borders.

That's another thing this photo captures — Walker's relaxed and easy demeanor in the face of the GOP debates, which could focus on policy issues outside of his expertise. The fact that Walker isn't at all worried about preparing for questions about foreign policy (which he has screwed up before by saying we should "put boots on the ground in Iraq" and later backpedaling and saying he is not arguing that U.S. troops should return to Iraq) is troubling. Here he is, just enjoying a beer and relaxing.

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Woohoo! Party! America!

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The above photo of Walker sums up Walker's American values well, but it also points out something that could be a problem for him throughout the campaign: Walker too quickly wants to fall back on his good ol' Midwestern leadership and "governor next door" image by tossin' back a beer instead of doing his homework to prepare.