6 Of Robert Downey Jr's Most Underrated Scenes

I truly don't think that there are enough adjectives in the world to describe Robert Downey Jr., but, for the sake of being concise, we can use Downey's title as "Forbes' Highest Paid Actor" as the ultimate description. After all, this is a well worn crown. This is Downey's third consecutive year nabbing the title, which is pretty cool for the Marvel staple... "not that $80 million a year is a big deal or anything," I say as I weep over my empty, dusty wallet.

The thing to note here is that this particular actor's title is well earned. Downey knows how to pull at our emotions and can as easily get a laugh out of us as he can a tear. Sure, he's in blockbusters like Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, and The Avengers, but that doesn't mean he doesn't give a nuanced, A+ performance in each role he tackles. So, it just makes sense that his work would come at a premium. Downey is perhaps most valuable in the quiet, still moments that make his characters seem all the more real. We may not realize it, but it's in his most underrated scenes that we are perhaps the most riveted. And we, as RDJ fans, just don't talk about those moments enough. So, let's start. Right now.

Here are six totally underrated scenes from Iron Man himself, RDJ:

1. The Restraint He Showed In This Scene In The Singing Detective

There's something so true to life in how he was trying so hard to keep it together... until he fell apart.

2. This Scene In Due Date Where He Got A Secondhand High

It's subtle brilliance.

3. This Eccentric Show Of Paranoia In A Scanner Darkly

How does one remember and spew that sort of rapid, highly charged dialogue and totally deliver? That's an RDJ secret, I suppose.

4. When He Exacted Nonchalance In Zodiac

He's a chameleon, that guy.

5. When He Went From Over Confident To Terrified In Seconds Flat In Sherlock Holmes

He did his best Jodie Foster à la Silence of the Lambs as Holmes in this instance. It's like detective Inception.

6. Last, But Not Least, This Heartbreaking Scene From The Soloist

While this was certainly a moment for Jamie Foxx to shine, you simply can't look away from Downey, who reacted to Foxx's character's upset so organically.

I guess when you even do the small things this big, the giant paycheck is more than worth it.