6 Shows 'Atlantis' Fans Will Love

The summer TV season doesn't always leave a lot of great shows to choose from, so a small fantasy show like BBC America's Atlantis gets the chance to stand out. So, next summer, will there be a Season 3 of Atlantis to look forward to? The disappointing answer actually dates all the way back to January 2015, when the news broke that the BBC had decided to cancel the show after just two seasons. And, while the American finale will be airing on Aug. 7, the original run of the show already came to an end overseas back in May.

Atlantis is a coproduction between both BBC and BBC America, and the time that's passed since the show's cancellation suggests that there's little to no chance that it will be picked up by a different network. I'm sure it's a disappointment to any huge Atlantis heads out there, but it'll be alright. After all, there has never been a better time to be a fan of ambitious shows with a mystical and sci-fi edge. I'm not sure if that's a Netflix sub-category, but if it was, it would be packed with shows. You might not think that a show about a modern explorer who travels back in time to an ancient city ruled by Greek mythology would be easy to replace in your "favorite show" roster, but I promise you there are other options out there.

1. Game Of Thrones

I don't want to talk down to you, Atlantis fans, but if you haven't checked out this little HBO show, you'd better have a great excuse. No patience for shows with occasionally problematic sexual politics? Fair enough. Hate watching all of your favorite characters get brutally murdered? Well, then, I guess it's not for you. But, right now the budget and scope can't be beat — it's the most remarkable achievement in the fantasy genre. And Mark Addy plays a king on both shows... it's so easy to become a GoT fanatic in place of Atlantis.

2. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

A show that literally combines the historical style of a Dickensian novel with actual magic scratches the mystical itch of Atlantis. Bonus: It's also a summer show, but just finished it's run, so you can marathon it. Double bonus: It's a critics' favorite.

3. Misfits

This show was created by Atlantis producer Howard Overman, and is all about teens who get superpowers. That sounds pretty different from Atlantis, but Overman's writing style is at its best on the first two seasons of Misfits. If that's why you fell in love with Atlantis, then this can help soothe the pain of losing the latter show. And even though it wasn't on the BBC, it is a British import. Also: This is where Iwan Rheon learned how to harness his inner creepiness in order to portray Ramsay Snow.

4. The Last Kingdom

If what you miss is the ritual of watching an episode every week, try BBC America's new series The Last Kingdom, premiering this fall. It's a historical series about the rise of the English kingdom, and will trade Atlantis' sandals for huge furry capes.

5. The Musketeers

This show is a charming period piece that updates Dumas' often-adapted story for a modern audience. Rather than blending modern characters in a historical setting, it uses modern storytelling and a sense of humor to keep it from becoming stodgy. And, it has some fantastic swordfights.

6. Merlin

Surprise! Another Howard Overman show to jump into. If you haven't watched Merlin, it's a charming fantasy drama that tells the story of the young King Arthur and the young Merlin. Think of it as The CW's take on Arthurian legend, complete with a cast of multicultural youngish people and older British character actors wearing the crowns.

The show came to an end in 2012, but between its similar premise and its shared creator, it seems like the perfect antidote to a fan pining after the loss of Atlantis. Plus, it's the perfect length to marathon for the rest of the summer. Enjoy!

Images: Phil Miller/Urban Myth Films 2014; HBO; Matt Squire/JSMN Ltd; Giphy; Kata Vermes/Carnival Film & Television Ltd; BBC 2014; Merlin-gifs/Tumblr