13 Ariana Grande Memes Every Fan Will Enjoy — Because There's an Ariana Meme for Every SItuation

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 28: Ariana Grande performs on stage during the 29th annual NYC Pride: Dance On The Pier at Pier 26 on June 28, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)
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You gotta love Ariana Grande: she's a singer, an actor, a prolific tweeter, and, most recently, notorious donut-licker. With her iconic ponytail, stellar sense of style, and very expressive face, Ariana Grande is also super perfect for memes. She took the Internet by storm last December with her terrified expression after being whipped in the face by a Victoria's Secret model's angel wings, and was soon photoshopped with that pose into every situation from Kim Kardashian's break-the-Internet Paper magazine cover to the top of Mount Rushmore. Additionally, her donut-licking stunt spawned many memes, including a step-by-step guide on how to eat a donut, Grande-style.

Grande fans are very active on social media, calling themselves Arianators. They have stuck with her through thick and thin, starting with the 13 the Musical era, then through Victorious, Sam and Cat, and now through her epic solo career. According to Urban Dictionary, Arianators are "Kind and friendly like Ariana, Arianators are a strong fan base for our leader. Arianators make up the Ariana Army." And, as an army, the Arianators like to "break free," jam to "Bang Bang," but also, make memes applying Grande's expressions to every situation. Here are 13 perfect memes that Grande fans — whether die-hard Arianators or just casual fans — are bound to love. 

The Bieber Rejecter


Bang bang, there goes your heart.

The Emojis


Only Grande could look cute with what is usually used as a fart coming out of her mouth. 

The Human Emoji


She's that Emoji, and I'm like the spooky ghost.

The Nervous Face


This one works for so many situations.

The F*ckboy Fears


Symptoms of a way-too-common disease.

The Victory Hair Flip


With the extra element of "long hair, don't care."

The Wardrobe Change


Better not get those mixed up.

The Empathy Exam



The Mama Grande


The most important creations of our time. 

The "Barbarella" 


Break free.

The Tease


I'm officially super hungry.

The Snapchats


Better not get them mixed up, either.

The Subtle Sass


I must have given this face to my mom on a daily basis.

Proof: There truly is an Ariana Grande meme for every situation.

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