How To Stop Your Hair From Falling Out

Because of my very delicate hair strands, I've tried really hard to learn how to stop your hair from falling out when brushing. Growing up, I've always had a long hairstyle, so it became really important to keep my haircare routine on point, especially when it came to brushing etiquette.

I've got to admit though, to this day, I'll sometimes lose hair when brushing because of being careless or not taking the time to brush my hair properly. And let me tell you, it's such a horrible thing. Other than constantly clogging the sink and bathtub with my foot-long hair strands, my hair just gets everywhere. EVERYWHERE. But I'm human, and I've realized that losing hair happens to everyone, healthy or not.

NYC dermatologist Francesca Fusco says, "On average, we lose fifty to a hundred hairs a day. That’s just hair going through its cycles, and there will be a new one to replace it."

In fact, there are many reasons for losing hair, and sometimes it's just because of natural reasons like this one. So don't freak out when your brush has some hair in it. However, if you're constantly losing hair because of brushing, there are definitely a handful of things to keep in mind.

Trust me, these 7 simple precautions will do wonders for those luscious locks of yours.

1. Use The Right Brush

Earth Therapeutics Natural Wooden Pin Massage Brush , $10, AmazonThis is extremely important to remember when brushing your hair. Luckily, this doesn't mean that you have to spend tons of money on a single brush. Dermatologist Paradi Mirmirani explains that boar bristles can actually cause more damage to your hair since they create a lot of friction. Instead, she recommends using a hair brush that is made of plastic and has wide-spaced needles. Sounds like a good deal to me.

2. Brush Less Throughout The Day

The more you brush your hair and use products on it, the more your hair will become brittle and damaged leading to more hair loss. Try not to brush your hair too much throughout the day, and try to let your hair breathe and relax every once in a while.

3. Don't Brush Wet Hair

One of the worst things you could possibly do is brush your wet hair. Your hair is very delicate when it's wet, so applying force and stress on it allows the strands to break more easily. And although I know it's terrible to do this, I can admit I do it myself too. But to prevent unnecessary hair loss, instead of brushing your hair when it's wet, make sure it's dry beforehand.

4. Use Detangler

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Detangler , $10, Amazon

Before brushing, try applying detangler first. This will help the brush glide easier and will allow your strands to separate more easily.

5. Brush In Small Sections

Instead of brushing from root to tip, brush in small sections. Start brushing halfway from the tip and move up and down from there. Then move into your roots and brush a little above the halfway mark. That way you aren't adding too much pressure to your delicate strands.

6. Wash Or Change Your Hair Brush

Philip B. Hairbrush Cleaner, $15, Amazon

Just like any other tool or product you use for a while, it's always important to change them for hygienic reasons. When you use your hair brush over and over again, you're constantly building up chemicals and products that affect your hair follicles with every use. Either wash your brush or invest in a new one.

7. Do Not Get Frustrated

OK, so this definitely happens to me frequently. You have a big knot, you get frustrated, and then you angrily yank your hair to get rid of it. This is a huge NO-NO. Instead of pulling your hair and getting impatient. Gently brush through each part of the not, apply detangler, and take your time. I promise it's worth it.

Image: Chapendra/Flickr