Key & Peele Take On Catcalling

They might be ending their hilarious run on Comedy Central in a handful of episodes, but Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele still have quite a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to hilarious sketches. On Wednesday night's episode of Key & Peele, the comedians spoofed the cavalcade of politicians' sex text scandals. But the sketch that really sticks in my mind the most is Key and Peele's spoof of catcalling, both retro and modern. Not only do the comedians parody how long in our culture catcalling has been around, but they show what it looks like when modern and retro catcalling collide. Let's just say at least retro catcalling was polite.

The spoof began as it always does, with the guys on their road trip to nowhere talking about random issues that they later turn into hilarious sketches. Key and Peele both talk about whether or not they've sent sexts to their significant others before, which also went hand in hand with their first sketch of the night — the politicians sext sketch. Both men made some rather elementary jokes about the kinds of sexy messages they send to their lovers and definitely elicited giggles as well as perfectly encapsulating the ridiculousness of the spoof. The sketch followed Key and Peele as working men from the South in olden days as they catcalled women exiting church on a hot Summer day.

As the women went about their business, Key's character would compliment the women in eloquent and rather sweet ways. But of course Peele's character came in and would add his commentary with such wonderful phrases like "Dat ass doh," basically all the things we probably hear on the streets every day. In the end, Key's character told Peele's character not to associate with him, Peele's character attempted to use a more eloquent compliment with the next woman. She promptly stated "Mmm... You look like you got a nice d**k and b***s." Peele's characters states that he loves her and they walk off together, leaving Key's character in a hilarious state of shock.

Images: Ian White, Mike Yarish/Comedy Central