Who Will Mariah Play On 'Empire'?

Mariah Carey has finally received her Hollywood Walk of Fame star, and she certainly deserves this honor considering the fact that she is the biggest selling female recording star of all time. If that wasn't exciting enough, among those in attendance at the ceremony was Empire co-creator Lee Daniels. Needless to say, when Lee Daniels told the crowd that Mariah Carey will be joining Empire Season 2, I nearly passed out. I know this might not seem like a huge deal, but bear with me. Carey has starred in two of Daniels' feature films — 2009's Precious and 2013's The Butler — and she was amazing in both. Daniels was able to strip down the glamorous icon, and get his audience to really see her as her characters: a case worker named Mrs. Weiss in Precious and then as a sharecropper named Hattie Pearl in The Butler. There's no telling what she's capable of on Empire.

While EVP of Corporate Communications & Publicity Chris Alexander tells Bustle that there is "no deal yet but Lee [Daniels] is hopeful she will appear on the show," I'm just going to go with Daniels on this one and assume there is a 99.9999 percent chance that we will be seeing Carey on the hip-hop drama. She would be joining a ton of other incredible guest stars that are slated for the show's sophomore season, but Carey is obviously a totally unique presence. This needs to happen.But until Fox releases official word, a description, and (God willing) images of the diva on the Fox drama, we'll just have to imagine who she'd be in the complicated web of Empire:

1. Herself

I could definitely see Jamal trying to woo her over to Empire Entertainment, while he scrambled to meet her demands. It would be amazing to watch, especially considering the fact that this isn't the first time the duo has worked together.

2. Hakeem's New Love Interest

We all know that Hakeem loves older women. Now that Camille is out of the picture, and he and Tianna seem only interested in a business relationship, Carey could definitely come in and capture the youngest Lyon's heart. It would be even better if Camille reappeared at some point later on in the season to find him in a relationship with Carey.

3. Anika's Sister

Anika seems to have alienated everyone that was once in her corner. She's definitely going to need to find an ally somewhere, if she's going to get from under Billy Beretti's grasp. The best thing to do when you are in a pickle is to call on your loved ones. I could just imagine what a force Anike and Carey would be as sisters teaming up against Beretti and Empire Entertainment.

4. Cookie's New Nemesis

We all know that Cookie doesn't take any mess, but the one person who could possibly give her a run for her money would be Carey. Much of Cookie's past hasn't be revealed at this point, so Carey's character could be someone she had conflicts with either in prison or back in the day.

5. Head Of A New Entertainment Company

With Lucious in jail and Anika at Creedmor, Empire Entertainment seems to be hanging on by a thread. The last thing the Lyons would need is a third company trying to compete for the top spot in the industry. It would be even more interesting if that company's CEO was Carey.

6. Rhonda's Doctor

Now that Rhonda and Andre are expecting a baby, they are going to be having regular doctor visits. Carey's roles in Daniels' films have been very unexpected. I would love to see her as an OBGYN, perhaps one who has secrets of her own.

7. Vernon's Wife

Though Rhonda murdered Vernon in defense of her husband, people are definitely going to start asking questions about his disappearance. Andre and Rhonda are extremely smart, so I'm sure they will take steps to cover their tracks. However, if Carey shows us as Vernon's wife then they are definitely going to have to answer for the role they played in his demise.

I'm really hoping that Carey's appearance on Empire is confirmed in the coming weeks, and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll have some new music for the show as well.