Where Have You Seen Wally West Before?

Does the name Keiynan Lonsdale mean anything to you? If it doesn't now, it will soon as Lonsdale has been cast as Wally West in The Flash. It's a big role on the CW hit show, as Wally starts out as a simply a relation of Iris', but soon gains Meta abilities of his own — in the comics, he is even known as "Kid Flash" (a nickname that would bug me, but I guess others find endearing). While it's always hard to tell how closely shows will be sticking to the comic source material, he will clearly be more than a special guest star. The show’s executive producer Andrew Kreisberg spoke to Variety about the casting of Lonsdale, saying, “Just like when we met Grant for the first time, we instantly knew Keinyan embodied all the heart and courage of a hero. We are so excited to be bringing this much-beloved character onto the show.”

To anyone not obsessed with the Australian dance soap Dance Academy, this may seem like they have cast a relative unknown in this key role. So who is this hunky actor set to become a speedster? I've rounded up all the places you may have seen him before, and everything you can look forward to watching him in soon. Because this guy's got talent, trust.

Razzle Dazzle

Way back in 2007, Lonsdale played a member of Miss Elizabeth's dance troupe in this Australian comedy that is something like Dance Moms meets Drop Dead Gorgeous. It's not a huge role, but it gives you a glimpse of his fantastic dancing chops.

All Saints

This long running show (it's been on since 1998!) looks basically like the Australian version of ER or Grey Anatomy, focusing on the lives of the doctors and nurses who work at All Saints Western General Hospital. Lonsdale had a one episode arc as Cory, in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it role.

Dance Academy

If you have not seen this gem of a teen show, stop whatever you are doing and go watch it on Netlfix right now. Call in sick, stay up all night, whatever it takes. It's a delightful high school ballet drama, and, yes, I realize that isn't the most compelling description, but it is darn fine summer TV watching. The episodes are all under 30 minuets and usually end of some sort of cliffhanger, making it endlessly marathonable.

OK, that aside, Lonsdale plays Ollie, a gay ballet dancer who will rap, dance, and charm his way into your heart. Seriously, check that out now and tell me you're not more excited for The Flash now.

The Finest Hours

Lonsdale is in this star studded movie that is slated to come out January of 2016. It stars Chris Pine, Eric Bana, Ben Foster and Casey Affleck, sporting some amazing New England accents and a shipwreck that has me very glad I'm not traveling by boat anytime soon.


Divergent fans were kind of upset with the fact that the key Dauntless member Uriah would not be showing up until the second movie. However, this was all forgiven when Lonsdale showed up as Uriah, kicking ass and rocking an American accent. He'll be back as Uriah in Allegiant — Part 1 in 2016. Just one of these projects should be enough to get you excited about the new Kid Flash. Watch all of them, and you'll be as obsessed as I am.