Naya Rivera's Print Maternity Dress Was So Stylish

I wouldn't fault any mom-to-be for lounging around in sweats or anything loose and comfy during the home stretch of a summer pregnancy. But former Glee star Naya Rivera wore a black and white wrap dress to her baby shower, proving she is still sexy and stylish as ever.

Rivera and hubby Ryan Dorsey are expecting their first child and the singer and actress is in her third trimester. Rivera, known for flaunting her assets during her Glee heyday, wore a chic, print dress that totally looked like it was designed by DVF. The dress also highlighted Rivera's va-va-va-voooooom cleavage with its dipping V.

With her dark, shiny hair slicked back into a tight pony, Rivera once again channeled Kim Kardashian as she and Dorsey "oohed" over the baby shower cake.

That thing looked delish, BTW.

Rivera has remained stylish throughout her pregnancy. She has covered up a little more than we're used to when we've seen here, but that's likely because she is expecting and requires comfort and that's more important than gratuitously showing skin.

Rivera's printed wrap dress would work for any pregnant woman since it's so cozy yet sophisticated.

She was coordinated in an all-black ensemble.


Her cream-colored gown also clung to her precious cargo.

Here's something similar to Rivera's baby shower dress. It would equally suit most pregnant women of all shapes and sizes. ($99,

Images: Naya Rivera/Instagram (1); Seraphine (1); GBundchenNews/Twitter (1)