How The 'PLL' Prom Dresses Stack Up To Past Looks

Normally, you wouldn't catch me saying, "Wow, I wish had the Pretty Little Liars' lives," — OK, fine, I wish I lived Hanna's life every day because she gets to date Caleb. But, if we're being totally honest here, I would give up at least a year of my life to A torture if it meant that I got to wear the Liars' prom dresses from "Last Dance." Sure, it was an interesting episode (albeit, a little slow), but all three of us on Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast Taking This One To The Grave really had a field day with the show's fairytale-inspired gowns. And, of course, Caleb's ascot, which we only noticed after we were done sobbing our eyes out over his beautiful plan to move to NYC with Hanna. *Sobs again*

However, Tuesday night wasn't the first time in the history of PLL that the Liars cleaned up for a formal event. And, if you're a diehard fan of the series, you probably realized that Hanna always wears white for a big dance. So, did these looks really measure up to the gowns the girls have rocked in the past? I mean, Emily's Evil Queen-inspired crown was truly on point and I'd probably live in Spencer's Little Mermaid-inspired gown if I could. Obviously, we dissected the Liars' fashion choices during this week's new episode of Taking This One To The Grave — because, really, the only thing as important as all of our questions about Charles is the crazy fashion the Liars pull off each week.

So, let's take a walk down Pretty Little Liars memory lane to see how Tuesday's fairytale prom looks fit into the series' other formal moments to see how far the Liars have come from that masquerade ball in Season 2.

"UnmAsked" Masquerade Ball, Season 2

Oh, Aria, what is even happening here? It almost feels like this photo came from a very different life where the girls really didn't have their signature styles together just yet. OK, fine, it was from a very different life — and FOUR seasons ago. (Yes, it's been that long.) But, like I said earlier, there's Hanna in all of her white-dressed glory. Which is obviously a foreshadowing of the inevitable Haleb wedding, right? RIGHT?!

"Grave New World" Halloween In Ravenswood, Season 4

Well, at least most of the Liars seem to have decided on their signature color by this point. Hanna's not really wearing white again, but it's really close enough. Can we talk about these hats? Can we talk about how not one formal event in Rosewood and the surrounding towns can happen without a mask or a hat or something? I can't say that I hate it though.

"How The A Stole Christmas" Ice Ball, Season 5

Sure, there was a theme for this dance — ice — and Aria's still rocking her tried and true poofy skirt ensemble, but it's clear that the Liars' style has really changed at this point. And, I know I don't have to say it, but I will anyway — Hanna's wearing white. Again. Is it wishful thinking that I'm hearing wedding bells as I type this?

"Last Dance" Prom, Season 6

Collectively, these gowns were the best look the Liars have pulled off over the past five seasons. Even Aria's signature poofy-skirt look is cool here — usually I wouldn't want to raid her closet, but I'd swipe this set in a second. And the fairytale-inspiration here is so on point, that I really have no complaints whatsoever. (Aside from the fact that, yet again, I still haven't become Hanna in my every day life.)

So, what have we learned here? Obviously that the Liars' fashion — like a fine wine — gets better with age. And that we're really dying to see Hanna's wedding dress after the time jump. Duh. For even more PLL obsessing, check out past episodes of Taking This One To The Grave below, and be sure to follow Bustle’s SoundCloud page for even more.

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