'By The Sea' Trailer Reunites Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt On Screen, But Their Characters Aren't As Happy Of A Couple As They Are

If you were expecting another Mr. & Mrs. Smith from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's latest joint film venture, you shouldn't be: Jolie and her husband Pitt are definitely not recreating their first movie together. Proof? The trailer for By The Sea hit the Internet on Thursday, and this film looks absolutely gorgeous — in addition to completely tragic. Though Jolie and Pitt play a couple onscreen, their characters Vanessa and Roland don't look nearly as happy as the real-life duo are. From the look of the trailer, By The Sea is almost the opposite of a love story: it's the tale of a marriage gone deeply, deeply sour. Also, neither of them are spies!

According to The Hollywood Reporter , the couple's new film By The Sea is about an American writer who is vacationing with his wife, Vanessa, in a seaside paradise in '70s France. That might sound like the making of a dreamy romance, but everything is not what it seems at the seaside resort: the couple is struggling with a loss, which has driven a wedge between them. Jolie, who also wrote, directed and produced the film, stated that she was excited to explore this "universal human experience" in her feature.

The film certainly appears moody, but perhaps that is what makes it so intriguing. Here are a few shots from the trailer that hint at what's to come:

Roland Struggles To Write

Roland's writer's block may be directly connected to this yet-unknown loss that him and Vanessa are experiencing.

Vanessa Weeps

The trailer never explains why Vanessa or Roland are so devastatingly unhappy in such a beautiful environment, but shots like this make it clear that they are.

Roland Enjoys A Hot Bath

Don't get that notebook of nothing wet, now!

Vanessa Takes In The View

The entire trailer features a striking juxtaposition of the beautiful surroundings and the melancholy mood.

Vanessa And Roland Fight

The tension between Roland and Vanessa comes to a head in a scary physical altercation.

Roland Leaves

Is that Vanessa's body crumpled on the floor? And if so, is she conscious? Roland's calm walk out is particularly eerie.

The drama hits theaters on Nov. 13, 2015. Check out the full trailer for By The Sea below.

Images: Universal Pictures (6)