10 Things Lady Gaga's Picasso Outfit Looks Like Other than Picasso

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As Lady Gaga was leaving her hotel in London this evening the papa-paparazzi (sorry for the out of date joke) snapped a photo of the pop star decked out in this Picasso-inspired ensemble. Though quite frankly it's a bit more like she threw on a bit of face paint and rocked a bedazzled track suit like the older women on my Jewish side of the family like to wear. Did Gaga just invent Bubby Punk? Or did someone's older brother get a hand of your doll and draw all over it with marker? Well, the outfit is in fact a replica of Picasso's "Girl Before a Mirror." While you're trying to erase the image from your mind in hopes of sleeping tonight, here are 10 things Gaga's outfit actually looks like.

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