Rick Santorum's Comment On Dred Scott And Gay Marriage Lights Up Twitter

Several of the candidates made some very questionable remarks during the Republican forum on Thursday evening, but Rick Santorum might have been the only one to really and truly put — no, jam — his foot in his mouth. When asked by the moderators whether he felt gay marriage was now the set law of the land, Santorum compared gay marriage to Dred Scott and slavery. Causing a cringe that I could feel all the way to my bones, this remark immediately set off a firestorm on Twitter, where many laid into Santorum for comparing the legalization of gay marriage to legal human slavery in the U.S. during the Civil War period.

My mind immediately started envisioning the entire Santorum campaign team running around in a complete frenzy, wondering how on Earth they were going to clean up this mess. Couldn't he have used any other metaphor? Or better yet, no metaphor at all, and just tell us he still wants to oppress same-sex couples? But while my jaw was dropping and my head was shaking, tons of people went on Twitter to call Santorum out for his extremely offensive comparison. Here's the best of what Twitter had to say about this horrible moment in Santorum's campaign.

You can watch the clip of Santorum's Dred Scott remarks here: