Republican Forum Panelists Describe Hillary Clinton In 2 Words (Or 11, Whatever)

In the GOP happy hour debate, the seven Republican candidates were asked to describe Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in two words. They obviously aren't Clinton's number-one fans, but the criticism got more and more harsh as each candidate offered their answer. However, despite their prestigious college degrees and high-profile jobs, most of them don't know how to count to two and went way over the word limit.

Most of the candidates alluded to Clinton's email scandal in some way, calling her secretive, untrustworthy, or straight-up her Internet skills. Jim Gilmore's answer was the least critical, though definitely more than two words: He described her as "Not the change we need at the time we need it." Rick Perry took the opportunity to bring up Emailgate, calling Clinton "Good at email." George Pataki answered: "Divisive and with no vision at all." Carly Fiorina successfully answered in two words, but then doubled it, saying, "Not trustworthy. No accomplishment."

Here's how many words each candidate actually used to describe Clinton, excluding the word "and."

George Pataki: 6. "Divisive and with no vision at all"

Carly Fiorina: 4. "Not trustworthy. No accomplishment"

Rick Santorum: 2. "Secretive and untrustworthy"

Rick Perry: 3. "Good at email"

Bobby Jindal: 3. "Socialist and government-dependent"

Lindsey Graham: 11. "Not the change we need at a time we need it"

Jim Gilmore: 6. "Professional politician that can't be trusted"

Only Santorum was up to the challenge of describing Clinton in only two words, while Graham won the who-can-go-over-the-word-limit-the-most contest.