'Christmas Cats' Is the Best & Cutest Livestream You'll Ever Watch

Let's be honest: You are not get anything done on a Friday afternoon. Hell, I won't even lie: After finding this livestream, I'm a little worried about my own productivity, and I love my job! But this is, without a doubt, worth it: Christmas Cats is a livestream of cute cats hanging out an older woman (a "cat lady" in the flesh) sitting in a den, her grandson (I think?) wearing elf ears, and surrounded by Christmas decorations. The title literally says it all. CHRISTMAS CATS.

Apparently, according to NPR, the stream is being filmed live from Brooklyn right now, and has been airing for two days at its site, christmascats.tv, for eight hours a day. All the cats live at the North Shore Animal League America, "the world's largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization."

Here's enough reason to stop whatever you're doing right now watch this livestream instead: I literally just watched a part where this kid and his grandmother (I think?) fight over a flask with a cat's face on it, AND THE GRANDMOTHER WINS. You go girl. Get that draaaank.

Also, did I mention there are CUTE CATS EVERYWHERE? And that all this happens as Christmas music streams in the background? Because it does!

Check out Christmas Cats here.

Images: Christmas Cats, Rebloggy