Will 'True Detective' Return For Season 3? It's Definitely Likely & We Already Know What's Ahead

It feels like just yesterday that True Detective Season 2 started, doesn't it? And now, it's already over. Another season of HBO's gritty — and confusing! — crime drama will come to a close on Sunday night, and hopefully fans will have a suitable conclusion on our hands. Now, as we prepare to say goodbye to Ray and Ani (seeing as how we already said goodbye to Paul, and we can continue to cry about that later) we have to know, will there be a True Detective Season 3?

Well, start getting your #TrueDetectiveSeason3 hashtag jokes ready, because HBO is more than willing to continue on with the series for however long creator Nic Pizzolatto wants. If Pizzolatto wants six seasons (and a movie!), I bet HBO would give it to him.

Speaking at last weeks Television Critics Association press tour, HBO president Michael Lombardo had nothing but praise for not only Pizzolatto, but also this season of True Detective, as Zap2It reported. I have to wonder exactly what he's watching that he thinks is True Detective, because while I am still obsessed with this season, I do have a laundry list of things I would like to complain about. From his speech, however, it's clear that Lombardo feels quite differently.

"I’m enormously proud of [this season],” he told the crowd of reporters, as quoted by Zap2It. “If [Pizzolatto] wanted to do another season, I told him our door is open. I’d love to do another season with him … I think he’s an enormously talented writer, and I have already called him and said, ‘Nic, if you want to do a Season 3, let’s start talking.'” Hearing that is basically a green light for True Detective Season 3. But, that's only if Pizzolatto wants to do it. If he doesn't, he can just walk away from HBO, and take his insane crime world with him.

But, come on. Pizzolatto can't just walk away from True Detective. The show can't simply be a two-hit wonder. It must at least reach a third season before we start looking at its ultimate ending. So, when the writer inevitably agrees to give HBO and fans a third season, here's what we should expect.

Detectives Doing Things They Shouldn't

Oh no, our detectives are hot on the case of something, but they also each have a backstory in which we learn that they've done some shady things in the past. Are they a murderer? Are they possibly a murderer? Doesn't matter. It'll be alluded to, and we're going to have to figure out the definitive answer for ourselves.

No Spotlight On The Ladies

While I am certainly excited about the welcome addition of Rachel McAdams on Season 2, she's still not nearly getting enough credit for her role as the tough-as-nails Ani Bezzerides. This is just like Michelle Monaghan's Maggie in Season 1. So much potential is not being utilized, and while I'd like to say that the third time will be the charm, it's hard not to doubt True Detective in this regard.


These monologues need to happen either, 1) at the police station, 2) in a car, 3) at a crime scene. Anywhere else is unacceptable.

People Looking at Pictures

Make sure they are old pictures, and that the characters study them for a while. Bonus points if there are also old VHS tapes to study.


See: monologues.

Something About Cults

The more cults, the better, honestly. True Detective went from covering back-woods cults to New Age cults. What other types are left? Maybe True Detective Season 3 should turn to cult television.

Something About Gangs

Make sure there's some sort of beef with a nearby gang, too, otherwise the stakes won't be high enough.

Parenting Issues

Where do I even begin with the parenting issues? Everyone has a parenting issue. Whether they're the parent themselves (Marty, Ray) or dealing with a troubling parent (Ani, Chad) or simply trying to start a family (Jordan) and already being an awful parent (Frank). So many family issues.

A Defining Moment In Episode 4

Season 1 gave us the six-minute tracking shot, in Episode 4, and then Season 2 gave us the 10-minute shootout. Here's to hoping Season 3 delivers a 25-minute claymation escapade four weeks in.

A Near-Death Fakeout

Rust didn't die at the end of Season 1. Ray didn't die at the end of Episode 2. So why Paul had to die at the end of Episode 9 is still a mystery, but it doesn't change the fact that Season 3 will probably trick us with yet another near-death experience.

So just come on and announce Season 3, Pizzolatto. We're more than ready.

Images: Lacey Terrell/HBO; Giphy (10)