The Best Donald Trump Memes From The Republican Debate, Because There's No Better Way To Trump-et The Leader

The night barely began, but the best Donald Trump memes from the Republican debate are already flowing. The Donald hasn't been holding any punches so far, as he gets into scuffles with Megyn Kelly, baits Rand Paul, and refuses to take a pledge to not run as an independent candidate. Many of the candidates going into the debate (as well as the moderators) were worried that Trump would make the debate into a circus. "Listen, he’s going to be treated like everybody else,” Bret Baier told Politico before the debate. “We’re going to treat every candidate the same." Thus far, the moderators haven't had to rope Trump in too much, although some of his statements have been pretty out there.

By far, some of the biggest laughs of the night were when Kelly grilled Trump on his previous record of being pro-choice and identifying as a Democrat. "When exactly did you become a Republican?" Kelly asked. "I've evolved on many issues over the years," Trump replied before name-dropping Ronald Reagan. But between being booed, dishing out more insults, and getting into it with the majority of the candidates on the stage, Trump's behavior during the debate is living up to everyone's expectations.