This Cat Fashion Show Was Purrfection

The historic Algonquin Hotel in midtown Manhattan is known for its Old World architecture and prime location in bustling Times Square, but it also has a famous furry mascot. The Algonquin has a cat named Mathilda who lives in the hotel and has a serious social media presence. In honor of her birthday, the Algonquin hosts a cat fashion show every year.

The tradition of the hotel having a cat mascot goes back to the 1920s, and every female cat has been named Mathilda. This Mathilda is active on Twitter and Instagram at the seriously hilarious handles @algonqueen and @directfur. So who's running this cat's full schedule? That's Alice de Almeida, an Algonquin Hotel employee who's also executive assistant to the general manager.

She helps plan Mathilda's birthday party every year, and this one didn't disappoint. The party has an entrance fee, which was donated to the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. The show's theme was "A Feline Salute To NYC's First Responders," and cats were dressed up as everything from firefighters to MTA employees. The party also included humans (and cake!), and it's one celebration I definitely wish I could have attended.

Mathilda and her handler Amelia were the hosts of the party, and the staff at the Algonquin made a cat themed birthday cake for the occasion.

The costumes at the party were all focused on first responders, and here's some of our favorite costumes.

1. The Grumpy MTA Employee

This cat's squishy face kind of mimics how I feel when the subway is delayed, so it's definitely one of my favorite costumes at the party.

2. Fire Chief Cat

This cat fire captain looks pretty regal, so you know it commanded a lot of attention at the party.

3. The Red Cross Cat

This Red Cross-themed nurse cat matched one of the party's attendees, so you know it created the perfect photo opportunity.

4. The Policecat

I'm not even a cat person, and I still think this picture is impossibly cute. The policecat and real-life policeman create the best duo at the party and definitely win my award for best dressed at the party.

Image: @ladvorkin/Instagram