Warby Parker x Nordstrom Is Happening

by Stephanie Chon

Back in March, Warby Parker released their very first line of sunglasses for their Spring 2015 collection. Now Warby Parker has partnered up with Nordstrom to get the brand's name out to a wider variety of potential consumers. The optical brand will be taking part in Nordstrom's Pop-In series, which switches through a variety of different designers to showcase. For its Nordstrom debut, Warby Parker has designed four new sunglasses that are exclusive to the Pop-In. And in addition to selling their existing frames, the brand will also sell non-eyewear products such as Clare V foldover clutches, McSweeney novels, and notecards from Pike St. Press.

If you're not too familiar with the brand (where have you been?), Warby Parker originally started out selling glasses frames only. You could send in your prescription and get the whole package of frames and lens for a total of $95. The brand takes high pride in their high-quality glasses so don't let the affordable price fool you. Awesome, right? It gets better. With every purchase, the company distributes a pair of glasses for those in need. Warby Parker donates glasses to their nonprofit partners monthly and the five-year-old company has already donated one million pairs of glasses as of today.

After being featured at Nordstrom's Pop-In, Warby Parker will definitely be on a great path of helping the whole world to see a lot clearer.

Images: warbyparker/Instagram, Seattlemag/Twitter