Trump Says "We Need More Brain"

As the first Republican debate of the 2016 election season deserved, the Internet gave plenty of "we need more brain" Donald Trump memes because what else would you expect? You want brain in this country, Mr. Trump? Well, here you are, with some help from the '90s Pinky and the Brain generation. When Trump says something we don't like, we certainly take note, and when it plays to the millennial generation, Twitter will be all about the cartoon references.

Trump, did you break into Hillary's bag of campaign tricks and steal her "how to appeal to the Millennial generation cards?" Because yes, we do need "more brain." But do we need Donald Trump's? When you interrupt your fellow debaters to repeat your thoughts on immigration, your fervent opinions on Planned Parenthood, basically yell-speak your way through the debate, your audience will likely want to take to Twitter to make some memes.

From the moment he walked onstage, Trump had a 'tude about him. But this "we need more brain" zinger isn't really allowing him to head for a better direction. He spent a lot of his time promoting himself. He said, "Let's be clear I'm the only one on this stage who actually has a five-year budget that balances." Hmm — touting that bank account, are we?

But wait. In his closing statement, Dr. Ben Carson made the point that he is the only one of the debaters who can "take out half of a brain." Are you going to challenge him, Trump? Looks like Carson is planning to take away some of that brain.