Ilana Glazer Wins 'Lip Sync Battle,' Defeating Abbi Jacobson With "It's Raining Men"

When I discovered that two of my favorite comedians and future best friends Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson from Broad City would be competing on Season 2 of Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle, I was elated. I knew this episode would easily be one of the best of the series' short but memorable history so far. And thank goodness I was right. Not only did the ladies pick incredible song choices, but they brought down the house. In fact, it was pretty difficult until the last moment to decide who would take home the Lip Sync Battle belt. But in the end, Glazer completely crushed her performance of "It's Raining Men." Glazer took home the title over her BFF, but man, was this fight was hard-fought!

At first it seemed like Jacobson had the early lead when she took down the house with her lip sync rendition of "The Humpty Dance." When host LL Cool J asked her why she picked the song, Jacobson stated that it was one of Glazer's "sexy" songs, aka from her bedroom playlist. Jacobson stated that her plan was to psych Glazer out with "horniness," or as LL Cool J put it "rub her shoulders while she pulls out the checkbook." Is this a common saying? Glazer fired back with "Hey Ya," stating that Andre 3000 was the spectrum of energy given to the song but that she could only normally go up to 500 or 550. Thankfully she gave us at least that amount, if not more.

Lip Sync Battle on Spike on YouTube

But Jacobson wouldn't take that lying down. She appeared onstage for round two with a powerful performance of "And I Am Telling You" from Dreamgirls (the Jennifer Hudson version) complete in a sparkly long-sleeved formal gown. After bowing down to the diva that is Abbi Jacobson, once again LL Cool J asked her why she chose the song. And once again, Jacobson revealed that it was on Glazer's sexy song list. In fact the song was third on the playlist.

Unfortunately Jacobson's efforts couldn't get her the win as Glazer came out and crushed her performance of "It's Raining Men" completely in a yellow raincoat and scantily clad men. After the performance, Glazer stated that to her the song meant there were men everywhere for the taking. "Come on ladies, let's get dudes and do stuff to them!" Glazer yelled to the audience who promptly cheered louder than ever before. At that point it was clear, Glazer had become the Lip Sync champion. And chance we'll see a glimpse of the trophy belt on Broad City next season?

Images: Spike TV