Lady Gaga's Workout Clothes Are Actually Normal, Except For One Unusual Accessory

Workout gear, IMO, serves two utilitarian purposes — it soaks up sweat and keeps me comfortable while doing a lot of exercises I probably don't feel like doing but do anyway. So what does Lady Gaga wear while working out? Heels? A full face of makeup? Leopard-print leotards with bling? Major extensions? Feathers? Nah!

Mother Monster actually keeps her workout clothes simple and normal, except for one unusual accessory.

Gaga posted photos of herself in action, which isn't uncommon. A few weeks ago, Gaga shared images of the workout routine she does to keep her surgically repaired hip, which tabled one of her tours, in tip-top shape. It was a super body positive share, too.

This time, Stefani Germanotta wore a simple black bra top and black leggings. Whoa. That's tame and is pretty much fashion anesthesia — as in it'll put you to sleep — when it comes to Gaga. The one element of her exercise clothes that stood out? Oh, just her skull cap.

Perhaps the skully served a functional purpose, as well? She could have been using it to mop up sweat, although I'd think the material would have made her sweat more. Or perhaps it held her hair back and out of her face? Either scenario is possible with Lady Gaga.

You get a good look at her tattoos, too. She's not wearing a drop of makeup, either. She keeps it simple there, treating working out as the brutal endeavor that it is known to be.

Check out Mother Monster killing it on that machine! No wonder she is in such great shape. She's busting her butt and her abs to get there. The pop star's caption indicates that she is prepping for her American Horror Story: Hotel role.

That's where Gaga will face off fashionably with supermodel Naomi Campbell, who will play a fashion editor. Never mind the catwalk — can you say "cat fight"!?

Here's how she bounced style! Her summery stripes and pink shades with mirrored lenses are primo. It's the Gaga we know and love...even if she has been dialing it down, gloriously so, and rocking deconstructed band tees all summer.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (3)