The Naked Nail Manicure Is Having A Moment, Which Means You Can Give Your Polish A Rest

Nail artists have taken social media by storm over the years, inspiring women to look beyond the traditional mani and embark on a colorful patterned-filled journey. Luckily, those of us with no polish artistry skills whatsoever can now keep up with the trends as the naked nail manicure is making a comeback.

Basically the naked nail is exactly that — naked. Product is 100% optional. The look is best kept short and sweet, without the point, so you'll want to file your nails to a shorter length, rounding out their shape. If you absolutely cannot live without your nails having some sort of polish applied, do you girl. Opt for a clear coat or nude tone to complete the look.

As a somewhat nail art-phobic individual, I couldn't be happier. My boyfriend's sister is an Instagram nail artist who goes by the name lianasnails. She has pretty much mastered everything from stripes and polka dots to stamping and reverse stamping, mani bling and so much more over the course of three years. Her talent never ceases to amazing me, and while I can shamelessly admit that my mani skills are limited to the standard base, color, and top coat, I also have very little time or patience to learn these meticulous designs.

According to manicurist Jenna Hipp, however, I can now breathe a sigh of relief. "I think nail art is now taking back seat after everyone's nails took a beating from all those years of polish," she told Self. "Bare nail shows every tiny little thing."

Staying on-trend has never been this simple — not to mention a mega time-savor when considering how much upkeep nail art demands. I leave for vacation tomorrow with no time for a cameo at the salon and the last thing I want to have on my mind in Disney World is a desperate need for a mani touch up. So congrats, naked nails, you are officially out of the frenemies zone.

Don't get me wrong, ladies. I'll still be asking Liana for a fancy mani every one in awhile, but for those time-crunch dilemmas and lazy nights, I'll be opting for some naked nails.