Donald Trump Attacks Megyn Kelly On Twitter After The Debate & No Surprise, It Was Awfully Sexist

The first Republican presidential debate on Thursday evening was quite the show. As predicted, Donald Trump put on his typical self-aggrandizing and aggressive airs, targeting not only his fellow candidates, but the moderators as well. And it didn't just end with the closing remarks. Again being his typical self, Trump went on a complete Twitter tirade, digging in to Megyn Kelly as well as Fox pollster Frank Lutz. The completely unwarranted (and not the least bit presidential) shots fired at perhaps the sharpest moderator of the evening started a Trump Twitter insult marathon directed at Kelly that went into the wee hours of the morning. (Trump was tweeting till around 3 a.m. ET.)

Going for the low blows and being ever the misogynist, Trump attempted to tear Kelly down, but it was pretty clear that Kelly did her job exceptionally well during the debate, and that the Donald was just having a little Trumper-tantrum about having to directly answer tough questions under pressure. Sooner or later Trump will have to learn that he can't fire his mouth off unfiltered every time he has to do the job of a politician, but until then, we can probably expect more of this behavior from Trump going forward.

Trump started by passing off his mediocre performance on to Kelly, who actually did exceptionally well with her moderating duties.

All of the moderators were tough last night, but Trump was the only one who interrupted and insulted myriad people. He's projecting!

In arguably his lowest move of the entire evening, Trump retweeted a comment from a viewer who called Kelly "a bimbo." After getting nailed for the way he's degraded women in the past, this wasn't a great call on Trump's part.

In another retweet, we see the argument that Kelly was the only woman moderating that evening, and as a woman, her emotions must have gotten the best of her. Good grief, Trump. At least get creative with your B.S.

In case the previous tweet didn't make the point well enough, we have this retweet from someone who added "hostile."

What makes this whole episode even more pathetic is that Kelly not only did not engage Trump on his verbal attacks, but throughout the debate live-tweeted some of his comments, in effect promoting Trump's platform.

Kelly quoted several of the candidates without commentary, including Trump.

She even retweeted a comment saying that Trump did fine during the debate. Not exactly a resounding endorsement, but still a very far cry from Trump's childish insults.

I'm no great fan of Kelly, but she proved herself to be a worthy moderator during the debate, and showed more class than I might have been able to in the same situation. So I vote for Trump to change his diaper and adjust his swaddling, because there are much tougher questions coming his way if he continues to seek the presidency.